As the year begins to draw to an end,  United is once again offering an attractive deal for those of us who ‘need’ to or ‘want’ to buy miles in our Mileage Plus accounts.

In this latest deal, United is offering up to a 100% miles bonus if you purchase between 30,000 and 75,000 miles.   It’s about as good a deal as we’ll see when it comes to these promos.   Since United only allows members to buy 150,000 miles a calendar year, buying the 75k will get you the bonus 75k thus maximizing what you can buy for 2017.

To buy the 75,000 miles, you’ll need to part with $2625.00 plus tax but considering you’ll get 75,000 miles, the value proposition is fairly decent.   It comes out to about 1.75 cents per mile which a good price by any definition!  A fairly inexpensive value proposition as far as using the miles to book a First Class seat aboard a Lufthansa flight.

Other bonus brackets are as follows:

Buy between 5,000 and 9,000 miles and you’ll get a 25% bonus.

Buy between 10,000 and 29,000 miles and you’ll get a 50% bonus.

The sale is in place through November 20, 2017.  Keep in mind that these miles do not count as status miles.