United has made their first ‘Mileage Sale’ a decent one for 2017.    Mileage Plus members can earn between 25% and 75% in bonus miles with their purchase, depending on the amount of miles purchased.   The sale runs through January 23.

Here is the breakdown:

If you buy between 10,000 and 14,000 miles you’ll earn a 25% bonus of additional miles (equating about 2.8 cents per mile).

If you buy between 15,000 and 29,000 miles you’ll earn a 50% bonus of additional miles (equating about 2.3 cents per mile).

If you buy between 30,000 and 85,000 miles you’ll earn a 75% bonus of additional miles (equating about 2 cents per mile).

Remember that you can buy 150,000 miles a year (including the free bonus amount), and that ‘clock’ has reset to zero for everyone so you can back the truck up and load up 150k miles once again this year.

And of course you know that the best place to use these miles is for those First and Business Class Seats on Lufthansa, SWISS, Brussels Airlines, and Austrian!

When you first bring up the Mileage Plus purchase screen, you’ll see an offer for only 50%, but when you log in you should see the 75% offer available.

UPDATE:  Some of you have shared that you are being limited only to 50% bonus for purchases.   This may be as a result of United targeting certain members for a 50% or 75% bonus.   Here is an image from my own transaction, showing that I would receive a 75% bonus: