My wife forwarded me an email earlier today that she received from United giving her the opportunity to earn up to an 80% bonus for miles purchased into her Mileage Plus account.     Good news indeed!  It’s one of the best offers that I think I’ve ever seen from UA.  Her offer was interesting because everywhere else I look, I only saw a 75% bonus maximum.  She backed up the truck and bought her full allotment for 2017.

When I logged into my account to purchase miles, I was offered a 75% discount for the same promo so it may be that your mileage bonus may vary based on your status level or length of MileagePlus membership.

Regardless, when an opportunity comes along that offers more than a 50% bonus to buy miles for MileagePlus, it’s usually a fairly good value considering the redemption opportunities that exist for Lufthansa, SWISS, Brussels, and Austrian.

According to the fine print, it looks like this promo is in place until April 20, 2017.