Hi All,

Unfortunately it’s a weekend full of activities not conducive to blogging and I haven’t had much time to be in front of my computer.

I’ve started putting together my initial thoughts and pictures from our time in Rome, Vatican City and Sorrento so that I can get my trip reports wrapped up before heading out on my mileage run to Hong Kong (and yet another trip report!). As I was downloading my pictures, I did not know what to think when the counter stopped at 1709 on my Nikon D7000 and 512 on my Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS10. Not sure whether to be happy that I have that many, or should I be afraid for my sanity. 9 days / 2221 pictures so that averages 247 pictures a day. I did not realize that I put that many miles on my index finger pushing the shutter button so many times.

Granted that Rome, The Vatican, Sorrento and Capri (already finished that trip report here)are all quite photogenic in their own right but am I nuts?

I’d like to hear about your photography habits and tips when traveling (to determine if I’m normal or not) and I’d love to see your favorite shots of your favorite places. Email your best, and I’ll create a dedicated gallery so others can enjoy as well. Send your tips, habits and photos to Lufthansa Flyer and just included a caption or brief description of the photo. I’ll start keeping a list of tips on a dedicated page as well. Please provide me with a nickname for credit for your tips.

Enjoy The Rest Of Your Weekend!