After posting the initial brackets for the upcoming AIRPORT WORLD CUP TOURNAMENT, I received some feed back on the bracket and suggestions to improve upon it. Special thanks to MGD for putting the idea in my head to balance the regions so that the competition would improve. Initially I was going to use Airport rankings based on passenger traffic, but that definitely skewed the number of airports to the USA and prevented a fair cross section of airports from around the world. Doing it this way will also reward an airport for the quality of it’s product and not just quantity of traffic that transits the airport.

With that said, I am using the top 64 most popular Airports as voted upon by passengers in the SKYTRAX WORLD AIRPORT AWARDS. This ranking instantly transformed the brackets in a more diversified and more balanced approach and will result in a more realistic competition.

As I said in the last post, I’ll start the voting shortly after MilesQuest completes his AIRLINE WORLD CUP. Stay tuned!!

A preview of the new and improved bracket: 2012 AIRPORT WORLD CUP