Earlier today, I had the opportunity to review with Lufthansa their timeline and installation progress for the new long-haul Business Class cabin interior.    A few weeks ago I provided data on specific tail numbers that had the new seating, this update looks more at the timeline going forward for the fleet at large.

The table below covers the entire period of the Business Class retrofit going back to 2013 and extends into mid-2015 when the retrofit is expected to be complete.  If you look closely, you’ll see a noticeable decrease in the number of  747-400 aircraft going into 2015.   This is as a result of Lufthansa retiring certain aircraft from service between now and next Spring.  You’ll also notice large leaps between the end of 2014 and mid-2015.  This is due to the fact that several long haul aircraft will be rotated out of service for maintenance and retrofit during Winter 2014/15 when fewer routes are flown with long haul aircraft.


Y/E 2013Q2 / 2014Q3 / 2014Q4 / 2014Mid Year 2015
0 of 113 of 125 of 129 of 1212 of 12
A340-6002 of 24 4 of 248 of 2411 of 2424 of 24
A340-3001 of 2110 of 1814 of 1815 of 1818 of 18
A330-3007 of 1811 of 1912 of 1914 of 1919 of 19
Boeing 747-4000 of 190 of 191 of 171 of 1713 of 13
Boeing 747-8i9 of 913 of 1314 of 1414 of 1419 of 19
TOTALS19 of 10440 of 10552 of 10463 of 104105 of 105