Saw this tonight while browsing.

Apparently US Airways is standing by a decision to not refund fares to a family after cancer diagnosis of one of the passengers.

In a story posted on a family had spent $4200 for tickets for a dream trip to Belize after one of the family members was cleared of breast cancer. However before the trip was to take place, she was diagnosed with Stage 4 Breast Cancer and was ordered by her doctor not to fly.

US Airways is not refunding the fare, standing by the fact that the airfare was non refundable.

I don’t understand why US Airway would simply not refund the fares as a goodwill gesture. Apparently the passenger provided all the medical documentation supporting her situation but it did not change US Air’s position.

To US Air: The $4200 in refunds is a small drop in the bucket compared to the potential loss in future revenue by this event. Sometimes its just better to the right thing vs. just following policies.

Please let me know your thoughts. Is US Air right in their strict interpretation of their policies, or was this one of those situations where a little bit could have gone a long way?