Hidden deep within the Lufthansa website (USA version) is a link that takes you to a USA-based Lufthansa shop that is full of Lufthansa logo items such as model airplanes, mugs, clothing, keychains and other bits and pieces.

Normally if you want anything with a Lufthansa logo on it you either have go on Ebay (and take your chances) or take a trip to Germany and visit a WorldShop (the WorldShop does not ship to the USA) or go to the Ringeltaube Shop just outside the terminal area (Across from the First Class Terminal) in Frankfurt. The Ringeltaube is generally for LH employees only, so you’ll need to find one who can escort you there.

Here is how to navigate to the Lufthansa Webstore (You can use this link as well!):

From Lufthansa.com’s mainpage, select “Lufthansa in the US”:

The next screen that will come up:

After selecting “Webstore”, the following screen will come up:

And after entering the “Webstore” you’ll be Greeting by the Webstore’s main page: