If you are like most frequent travelers who are members of various loyalty programs, there usually comes a time where you reach critical mass and can no longer effectively keep track of your status levels and point totals from your multitude of loyalty program memberships.

To this end, I would like to introduce you to USINGMILES.COM, a single website that will help you track Airline Miles, Credit Card Points, Retail Loyalty Programs (Starbucks, LivingSocial etc.), Rental Car Programs and so on. I have been a user for quite some time and simply love it!

USINGMILES.COM is perhaps the most comprehensive tool available that allows you to aggregate all of your programs into one easy to use solution and includes over 160 different loyalty programs (See the complete list here). Its designed to never let you forget when you have points, miles or other opportunities expiring. Truly a turnkey, single-sign-on solution!

In addition to it’s ability to keep track of points in virtually every popular loyalty program, USINGMILES.COM also keeps track of ‘Bonus Offers’ for all of the programs so you can see the latest offers and promotions that are being offered by your loyalty programs conveniently on one site.

As a reader of LufthansaFlyer.com, you are eligible for a FREE LIFETIME PREMIER MEMBERSHIP. Normally, the PREMIER MEMBERSHIP costs $29.99 annually. With this PREMIER MEMBERSHIP you will have access to all of USINGMILES.COM’s advance features including expiring award alerts, award search, cash vs. points comparisons, bonus deals and other unique features and benefits.

Another great feature found with USINGMILES.COM is it’s ease of use. Once you sign up and set up your accounts, you will have your own personal dashboard that shows all of you programs on one screen. A great tool for those of us who check our loyalty program accounts on a daily basis!

To take advantage of this offer and enjoy the free Lifetime Membership, please use this dedicated link. Feel free to share this link with your friends and family who you think would benefit from this as well!

Please note that I in no way received any compensation or “finder’s fee” for bringing this offer to you.