We all remember the tragedy that struck our nation on September 11, 2001 when terrorists attacked and crashed aircraft into the World Trade Center, The Pentagon and caused the crash of United Flight 93 in Pennsylvania.   The day would change the course of our country forever.

Many charities evolved from this disaster dedicated to help the families who lost their loved ones on one of the darkest days in our history.

Of all these charities, one was born to help honor one of the heroes who gave his life in order to potentially spare hundreds of others.   This hero, Captain Jason Dahl, was the captain aboard United’s Flight 93 when it crashed into the fields near Shanksville, Pennsylvania.   Capt. Dahl and his crew made the ultimate sacrifice on that day in order to prevent greater tragedy.

To honor his memory his fellow United pilots, friends and family created the Captain Jason Dahl Scholarship Fund to help raise funds in order to award academic scholarships to bright young students who are studying and preparing for a career in aviation.   In my opinion, there’s no better way to honor a fallen pilot than to help others prepare for a career in a field that Capt. Dahl had so much passion for.   In 2002 the Captain James Dahl Scholarship Fund was created and since then has raised and awarded thousands of dollars in Scholarships to approximately 33 deserving recipients.

To help raise funds for these scholarships, the Captain James Dahl Scholarship Fund regularly holds fund-raising events geared for the aviation community.   Some of these events provide the opportunity for donors to win exciting “Experience” prizes that are donated by supporters of the Dahl Fund.

With that said, the Captain Jason Dahl Scholarship Fund, with the support of the FlyerTalk community has announced their first major fundraiser for this year that will award a lucky donor (and guest) a ride in a 1929 Stinson Tri-Motor, which happens to be the oldest operating/flight worthy aircraft in the USA.   The fundraising efforts for this event will take place between April 19 and May 10.   Those interested can purchase entries into the drawing for this great prize, with all proceeds going to the Captain Jason Dahl Scholarship Fund for their Scholarship program (see below for entry information and link).  The winner will board the Stinson Tri-Motor on June 1 at an airfield  just south of Minneapolis, Minnesota.


The Stinson Tri-Motor

The Stinson Tri-Motor


A similar fund raiser was held last year and raised approximately $8500.  The lucky winner and a guest received a ride in the same Stinson Tri-Motor that will be used this year.   To get a feel for what that experience was like, you can read the winner’s “trip report” here.

To participate in their fund raiser and for a chance to win a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a ride in a wonderful classic aircraft, please visit the ‘FlyerTalk Cares!’ thread located on Flyertalk.com.    You’ll find all the information that you’ll need in order to make a donation and to enter for your chance to win.

Thank you in advance for supporting such a great cause!