As most readers have probably realized by now, Lufthansa is seriously considering the prospects of launching a new Low Cost Carrier (LCC) as soon as next year as they seek to streamline operations and improve their competitiveness against other European LCC’s such as RyanAir and easyjet.

As part of recent developments coming from Lufthansa a feasibility study has begun to determine whether or not an LCC division makes sense. If it does, expect to see the likes of germanwings and Eurowings to be absorbed into the new LCC. Media outlets have been reporting that the name of the new carrier will be “Direct 4 You”. A bit awkward if you ask me since it does not imply any thought of air travel. Sounds a bit more like direct marketing.

There may be some relief to those of you who agree with me that “Direct 4 You” would not look good as part of an airline’s livery.
After speaking with Lufthansa today and sharing my “uneasiness” about the brand name, I was put at ease. At present, the “Direct 4 You” labeling is simply a conjugation of 2 Lufthansa organizations. “Direct Services” is the internal name given to Lufthansa’s intra-european, direct feed operations and “4 You” is simply a play on words taken from germanwings’ IATA designator which is 4U (Lufthansa is LH in case you need context!).

Since the project is looking at absorbing and reinventing germanwings into a new direct flight LCC operation within Lufthansa’s family of carriers, it makes perfect sense for the code name of the LCC project to be “Direct 4 You”. I know I’ll sleep better tonight! 🙂

If you were Mr. or Mrs. or Ms. Lufthansa Decision-maker, what would you name the new LCC division??