I’m not talking credit cards here…..

In a game of  ‘Tit For Tat’, the EU is threatening to impose VISA requirements for Americans who wish to visit Europe.   The specifics of the threat have not been spelled out, but preparations may be taking place.

This threat comes on the heels of a recent Bill adopted by the House Of Representatives that would impose visa requirements on EU citizens that since March 2011 had visited Sudan, Syria, Iraq, and Iran.   The logic behind this potential legislation is to scrutinize the flow of persons into the US that may have recently visited countries that are potentially complicit in state sponsored terrorism.  The EU is obviously opposed to this measure, thus the threat to return the favor.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize the damaging implications something like this would have on tourism and business.

The vast majority of EU nations (23 of 28) currently enjoy the visa waiver program with the US.  I’m fairly certain that a knee-jerk reaction such as this will come with more unintended consequences than benefits.   Tourism and Businesses will obviously suffer the greatest consequences, but I guess thats not important……

When will the inmates stop running the asylum?