I came across this great contest on Facebook late last night and thought it was too good to pass up entering.

Hyatt is conducting it’s “Million Points Sweepstakes” exclusively on Facebook. Simply go to this link:

Enter Hyatt Sweepstakes

Once there you go through the obligatory information entry to register, it will bring up another screen letting you enter 8 more times. With Hyatt having 9 versions of their hotel product, they are letting you enter 9 times, once for each property type (Park, Regency, Grand, etc).

There will be 10 winners selected, each winning 100,000 Gold Passport Points. This is worth entering!!! Go now!! 🙂

Please feel free to Tweet this to your friends! If they win, they’ll owe you big time!

You do not need a Gold Passport number to enter so even if you are not part of Hyatt’s Loyalty Program, you are eligible to enter.