Lufthansa and The First Class Duck Of Frankfurt — A Brief History and Gallery

As some who have flown with Lufthansa may know, there is a small, relatively secret “amenity” that puts a smile on the face of thousands who fly First Class on Lufthansa. Yes, I am talking about the Rubber Duck that adults go out of their way to acquire (NOT speaking from personal experience :) ).

I did some investigating to find the genesis of these Ducks, and reached out to Lufthansa to find out why and when did all of this happen. Thanks to Benedikt F. at Lufthansa for his invaluable help in providing me with the history and images that you’ll see here.

A brief story of the origin and history of the Ducks as told by Lufthansa:

    “During the preparations for the grand opening of the First Class Terminal in November 2004, Lufthansa wanted to add a little portion of “personality” to the first class experience. So while looking around in the First Class Terminal, and finally reaching the bathrooms, Lufthansa had the idea of the rubber duck, which today is placed on the side of every bathtub.”

    “To make it an exclusive product which is only available in Frankfurt, Lufthansa First Class Terminal is printed on the front of the ducks. Over the years “event” rubber ducks were produced. These include special editions for the soccer World Championship in 2006, 2010 and for the European Championship in 2008. Introducing LH’s Spa in the Lounge in 2009, a Spa Duck was designed. Also Christmas and Wedding Ducks where introduced during the years. At this point Lufthansa is very proud to see the ducks being offered on ebay as collectors’ items!”

I suspect that Munich got wind of what Frankfurt was doing, and decided that as the capital of Bavaria, that they too deserve to have their own Duck representing their First Class Lounge, and from that came Munich’s exclusive Bavarian Ducks (more on them later).

All of the photographs are courtesy of Lufthansa (thanks again Benedikt!) unless otherwise indicated.

Lufthansa’s Holiday Ducks Throughout The Years:

One Of Several Holiday Versions

A Festive Flock........

Additional Holiday Ducks

Santa Duck

2010 Holiday Edition

Introducing the 2011 Edition

Not to be out done by the holiday ducks, these are just as great:

The Original Classic

Herr Business Duck

For a GREAT STORY about Mrs. LufthansaFlyer and Herr Business Duck, please click here.

Easter is also observed by the Ducks:

Happy Easter!

Just For Kicks – Tributes to Soccer World Cups & European Championships:

The Following Soccer Ducks Are Courtesy Of’s ParanoiaTX:

Saving Face? The Spa Duck Courtesy of Lufthansa

Green With Envy???

Perhaps The Most Rare, The Honeymoon Edition:

Happily Ever After.......

Even though this post is focused on the origin of the Ducks in the Frankfurt Lounges, I wanted to to make sure that I took a look at the Munich editions. The core of the Munich collection is the male and female Bavarian model dressed in their appropriate Bavarian attire. I have noticed from personal experience that the female’s “Dirndl” is available in both green and brown versions:

Munich's Bavarian Ducks Visit Roman Colosseum - Mrs. LufthansaFlyer

Courtesy of Mrs. LufthansaFlyer

The Bavarian's Holiday to Frankfurt's First Class Terminal - Courtesy Mrs. LufthansaFlyer

Visiting Capri - courtesy of Mrs. LufthansaFlyer

Courtesy of Mrs. LufthansaFlyer

Courtesy of's ParanoiaTX

For additional Pictures of the Bavarian Ducks from our recent trip to Italy, You can visit my dedicated Duck Gallery page here.

Hopefully I’ve covered the majority of editions that have come from Lufthansa’s First Class Services. If you have one thats not on here, please share a photo. I’ll be creating a dedicated page that will hold a gallery for the Lufthansa Ducks and would love to have as many versions as possible represented.

Austrian Airlines Introduces New Online Shop

Austrian Airlines has recently launched a great new site they call Red|Souvenir. Its a site dedicated to Austrian food specialities such as chocolate, cakes, wine and other delicacies that you would typically find in Austria or on an Austrian flight. How many times have you had something while on a trip, or even on a flight that you wish you could get once you were home? Red|Souvenir helps that happen. They ship worldwide, so everyone can take advantage of this new offering.

As I browsed a few pages of it, I found everything ranging from Sacher Tortes, Milka Chocolates, Marzipan,and even Mozart Rubber Ducks!

Its great timing by Austrian Airlines to launch this right before Christmas, as there are many Christmas Market and New Year’s themed items available. If you’re having trouble coming up with gifts for those you care about, you should take a look here for new ideas and items that you don’t see everyday!

You can visit Red|Souvenir by Clicking Here

US Airways In Major PR Snafu

Saw this tonight while browsing.

Apparently US Airways is standing by a decision to not refund fares to a family after cancer diagnosis of one of the passengers.

In a story posted on a family had spent $4200 for tickets for a dream trip to Belize after one of the family members was cleared of breast cancer. However before the trip was to take place, she was diagnosed with Stage 4 Breast Cancer and was ordered by her doctor not to fly.

US Airways is not refunding the fare, standing by the fact that the airfare was non refundable.

I don’t understand why US Airway would simply not refund the fares as a goodwill gesture. Apparently the passenger provided all the medical documentation supporting her situation but it did not change US Air’s position.

To US Air: The $4200 in refunds is a small drop in the bucket compared to the potential loss in future revenue by this event. Sometimes its just better to the right thing vs. just following policies.

Please let me know your thoughts. Is US Air right in their strict interpretation of their policies, or was this one of those situations where a little bit could have gone a long way?