LUFTHANSA Brings Back First Class To The Mile High City……

LUFTHANSA Brings Back First Class To The Mile High City……

After removing First Class from flights between Munich and Denver on December 2, 2016, Lufthansa is set to bring back their best cabin to the Rocky Mountain destination.

Beginning on May 1, Lufthansa brings back the A346 on the route which allows for First to be back on the timetable.   Lufthansa currently flies the A333 on the route which does not offer First Class.  Expect this to be in place through at least the Summer timetable.

It would be no surprise if the A350 begins to serve Denver later this year which would once again eliminate First Class since the A350 is not equipped with the ‘F’ cabin.

This change has no impact on the 744 service between Frankfurt and Denver.

LUFTHANSA’s Christmas ‘MUC’ Duck…….

LUFTHANSA’s Christmas ‘MUC’ Duck…….

Not to be out done by their colleagues in Frankfurt, the First Class Services team in Munich is also celebrating Christmas with their own version of a Holiday Duck.


The Bavarians have Holiday Spirit!

The Bavarian Holiday Spirit!

The duck is available until supplies last, so if there’s a way you can route our travels through Munich AND Frankfurt between now and Christmas, you can add these little critters to your collection.

Thanks to VFT’s ClaudiSTR for sharing her photo!


LUFTHANSA First Class Terminal / Lounges Unveil 2016 Holiday Duck

LUFTHANSA First Class Terminal / Lounges Unveil 2016 Holiday Duck

Lufthansa will be offering a unique Duck during the Holiday season to passengers visiting the First Class Terminal and First Class Lounges in Frankfurt.   Make sure to change your travel plans so that you can add one to your collection!

2017 Lufthansa First Class Holiday Duck

2017 Lufthansa First Class Holiday Duck

The duck is available in limited quantities so once it’s gone, it’s gone!

SWISS First and Business Class Deals For Last 2 Weeks Of December!

SWISS First and Business Class Deals For Last 2 Weeks Of December!

For those of you who have yet to decide how or where you’ll spend Christmas this year, SWISS gives you compelling options.

SWISS is currently holding fare specials for Business and First Class from the USA to most of their destinations throughout Europe.

Pricing is attractive!

For example you can fly SWISS Business for only $2050 between NYC and Venice or Barcelona.   From Chicago the fare moves up to only $2300-$2700 for most European destinations.

For those of you compelled to spoil yourself and fly in First Class (read about my experiences), you can fly from New York to most of Europe for under $5000, and between $5000 and $6000 from most of SWISS’ other USA gateways.   To push you over the edge, here’s look at their fantastic First Class Lounge that opened earlier this year in Zurich.

Economy fares are also attractive, but not as compelling as the premium cabin options!

The travel period for these specials is restricted to the last 2 weeks of December, but what a perfect time to get to Europe to enjoy the fantastic Christmas markets……


Plane Spottting Luxury In SWISS’ First Class Lounge In Zurich

Plane Spottting Luxury In SWISS’ First Class Lounge In Zurich

A few weeks ago while enroute back to the States from our Safari trip to Africa, we flew with SWISS and because of our seats, we were able to visit the First Class Lounge in Zurich between flights.    You can see what that fabulous Lounge is like in this trip report.   To see what a First Class flight aboard SWISS is like when you have the cabin to yourself, read this trip report.

Aside from all the fantastic amenities that you’ll find in the Lounge, my favorite was outside the Lounge.   When SWISS designed and built the new Business, SENator, and First Class Lounges inside ZRH’s Terminal E, they took advantage of the real-estate they had to work with and included outdoor terraces for all 3 lounges.    In fact, for the hardcore plane spotter, the Senator and Business Class Lounges are actually better for plane spotting since it puts you closer to the runway used for ‘Heavy’ arrivals in the morning.   The First Class Lounge however does have an advantage for ‘Heavy’ departures in the late morning and afternoon.

The photos should give you a pretty good idea as far as just how great the vantage point is from these Lounges.    Unfortunately the timing of my visit wasn’t ideal for photography.   We were in the Lounge from about 6:30a to 9a which meant that most of my shots were taken with the sun still not above the horizon.   The fact that it was extremely overcast didn’t help matters much.   Fortunately my camera did a stellar job with high ‘ISO’ settings so I was at least able to see what I was shooting!

If for some reason you don’t travel with a suitcase full of camera equipment, you’ll appreciate the high quality Leica binoculars and telescope that is available to guests so they can get up close looks at the birds.   There are a few pair of binoculars installed in kiosks found on the terrace (First Class terrace only for the binoculars).

Next year’s trip is going to include outbound SWISS flights so that I can spend 8-10 hours at this new Plane Spotting Mecca……
















A 20-year old Single Malt Scotch just adds to the wonderful experience! 🙂