Lufthansa and Frankfurt Bring Airport Shopping To Lounges

Lufthansa and Frankfurt Bring Airport Shopping To Lounges

To make it even easier for you to leave your Euros behind when traveling, Lufthansa and Frankfurt Airport have teamed to make shopping even easier.

As of now, passengers who visit most of LH’s lounges inside Terminal 1 will be able to use lounge iPads to shop virtually all of the stores located at the airport.   If you purchase anything, it will be delivered to you at the lounge within 30 minutes.   From what I gathered this program will not be available in the First Class Terminal, which has its own dedicated shop.

During the first quarter of this year, the program will continue to expand to provide other options as well.   For example the next phase of the program will allow passengers to use iPads located at check-in areas where they will be able to order food from the airport’s various restaurants and have the meal brought to them at their departure gate so that the meal can be enjoyed during the flight.

Another expansion of the program in the near future will allow you to shop while aboard long haul flights and have your order waiting for you at your gate when you de-plane.  I suspect that this may be expanded to medium and short haul flights once all the aircraft are upgraded to the same inflight entertainment and communication systems.

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SWISS’ New Zurich Lounges Part I:  First Class Lounge

SWISS’ New Zurich Lounges Part I: First Class Lounge

As part of a very active week in Zurich, SWISS not only welcomed home their first 777 (more on that this weekend), they also opened the doors to 3 new lounges in Concourse ‘E’.    The new additions include First, Senator, and Business Class Lounges.    I’ll cover each lounge separately since there are a lot of photos that show them off.   A big thanks to Ralf (RCS on for sharing the photos that he took during his visit.  In fact, if you visit that link, you’ll see more photos that Ralf had uploaded to the thread covering the new lounges.

From the looks of it, SWISS hit a home run with the First Class lounge.    Some of the highlights include 2 dedicated ‘Hotel Rooms’ and a wine collection of over 1,000 bottles.    The lounge also offers an impressive outdoor terrace that can be enjoyed when weather allows.    A dedicated a-la-carte dining room completes the fantastic presentation.

The lounge is approximate 8,000 square feet and can comfortably accommodate 80 guests.   Of course you need to be flying in First Class on a Lufthansa Group operated flight or ‘simply’ be a HON Circle member or a lucky guest of one.

Enjoy the photos, this will not be an easy lounge to get into! 🙂

First Class Lounge Welcome Desk

First Class Lounge Welcome Desk


Dedicated dining area with complete a-la-carte service.


This could become a favorite hotel room for an avgeek……


The bath found inside the ‘Hotel Rooms’



Conference area for those who feel they need to work during their travels….


The outdoor terrace promises to a hit with visitors.....

The outdoor terrace promises to a hit with visitors…..


Even the restroom offers great views of the ZRH tarmac…..


The 1,000 bottle wine collection should satisfy almost everyone….


One of the several public seating areas