Miles & More announces bonus deal for Lufthansa flights!

Miles & More announces bonus deal for Lufthansa flights!

Good News!


Miles & More has announced that Lufthansa passengers can earn an additional 50% award mile bonus for flights booked between March 12 and May 31, 2018.

The offer is valid as long as travel has been booked on and that the flights takes place between March 12 and August 30, 2018.   The flights must be operated by Lufthansa in order to qualify for the bonus miles.

The bonus will be based off of your fare class, so the award will be a factor of the fare class, and not actual miles flown.

You must provide your Miles & More number at the time of booking in order for you to qualify for the bonus miles.    The bonus miles will be credited as late as 12 weeks after your qualifying flights.    And of course, bonus miles do not count toward status qualification.

One small part of the fine print:   Residents of Austria, Switzerland and the 13 people living in Lichtenstein are not eligible for the promotion.



Lufthansa Miles & More To Introduce Mileage Pooling For Families!

Lufthansa Miles & More To Introduce Mileage Pooling For Families!

Beginning this May, members of Miles & More will be able to start combining their efforts with family members living in the same household when it comes to earning and redeeming miles.

Though specifics have yet to be released by LH, it appears that that the new plan will allow 2 adults and up to 5 children in the same household to share Award Miles.     Status miles will not be combinable.    In other words, Dad and the kids can’t put their miles together to make Mom a Senator, but they can get her a First Class ticket by combining their award miles.

Being able to combine miles will be a huge benefit especially when the MM deep discount or ‘Meilenschnappchen’ promos are considered.   With monthly ‘Meilenschnappchen’ offers passengers can usually book award travel for nearly half of the miles that are usually required.

Hopefully M&M leaves the redemption table alone while doing this.    If they raise the amount of miles needed to redeem for a given award, it would nullify at least some of the benefit of being able to pool miles from several accounts.

I expect more announcements regarding Miles & More over the coming weeks.    Miles & More is celebrating its 25th Anniversary so I suspect more user-friendly features to be unveiled as we approach the busy summer travel season.

On my wish list?   Knock a few dollars off of the surcharges that are associated with redeeming miles, especially in First or Business Class! 🙂


LUFTHANSA Miles & More Program Announces Shift To Revenue Based Model (Mostly)

LUFTHANSA Miles & More Program Announces Shift To Revenue Based Model (Mostly)

As has been widely anticipated, Lufthansa has announced that Miles & More will convert to a revenue based program beginning with flights booked on March 12, 2018 and afterward.

As is typical for a revenue-based model, the more you spend on airfare, the more award miles you will earn for your account.    Obviously, this favors passengers that book higher level Economy class tickets, Business, and First Class tickets.

The way Lufthansa is going to do it is by assigning ‘multiples’ based on the airline operating your flight.  You then multiply the ‘eligible’ part of your fare (including surcharges) by the ‘multiple’ to calculate how many miles you’ll receive.

For flights operated by Lufthansa Group airlines (Lufthansa, SWISS, Austrian, Eurowings, Brussels), a base ‘multiple’ of 4 will be used to determine your award miles credit.   For example, if your fare has $400 basis (inclusive of surcharges), you’ll earn 1600 miles for the booking.

According to the somewhat poor details in their press release, it appears that the 4 ‘multiple’ will apply to other Miles & More member airlines such as (LOT, Croatia, etc.).

For passengers holding status with Miles and More (Frequent Traveler, Senator, Hon Circle), the multiple will be higher.  For these passengers, the ‘multiple’ will be 6 for flights operated by Lufthansa, SWISS, Austrian Airlines, United Airlines, Air Canada, LOT Polish Airlines, Croatia Airlines, Adria Airlines and Air Dolomiti.     A multiple of 5 will be used for flights operated by Eurowings, Brussels Airlines, and other Miles & More airlines not mentioned in the previous sentence.    There will no longer be a separate ‘Executive Bonus’ calculation.   This has been factored into the higher multiples being awarded to members with elite status levels.

According to the release, the determining factor for how miles are credited will be based on your ticket number.    For example if you book your Lufthansa-operated flights through a travel agent and that travel agent assigns a ‘Eurowings’ ticket number to it, you will earn your miles based on the ‘multiple’ in place for Eurowings.  So be careful when using a travel agent when booking a ticket and make sure they ticket it to the airline that you are actually flying in order to ensure the full mileage credit that you paid for!

With this announcement, no changes are being made as far as how you earn elite status within Miles & More.   The same terms and conditions stay in place for status qualifications.

As far as the currency calculation being used to calculate your fare and award miles, all ticket sales will be converted to Euros for the basis of determining the amount spent on your ticket.   For example, lets say you spend $720USD to buy your ticket, at the time of sale the $720 will be converted to Euros at current ‘FX’ rates.   This Euro amount is what will be multiplied by the earnings multiple to determine how many miles you’ll earn.   So if the $720USD translates into €611, the €611 will be multiplied by the multiple to determine award miles earned.   A bit unfair if your currency is worth less than the Euro, but it is what it is.   It probably would take too many abacuses to keep track of all of the different currencies for the purpose of calculating miles.

ALSO, and a big ALSO:

If your ticket is issued by any other carrier within Star Alliance not mentioned above, and you have the miles from that ticket being credited to your Miles & More account, NOTHING CHANGES.   Those tickets will continue earning under the existing terms and conditions and are not subject to this revenue based models.   For example, you book a ticket issued by Singapore Airlines, and credit your miles to MM, you’ll continue earning your award and status qualifying miles under the ‘old’ system.

Lufthansa has created a dedicated webpage to help communicate the details of these changes, you can find it here.


Miles & More Members:  20,000 Miles for 1.5 Cents Per Mile……

Miles & More Members: 20,000 Miles for 1.5 Cents Per Mile……

Normally, it’s quite hard to find a good Miles & More deal for earning miles that doesn’t involve flying anywhere.   However, when these rare non-flight related deals come up, they’re usually quite good.

That’s the case at the moment.

getAbstract has long been a partner of Miles & More and typically provides a deal where you get 15,000 miles for signing up for their ‘Pro’ Subscription.   Until November 30th, they’ve sweetened the deal and will award you 20,000 miles for signing up.

What is getAbstract?

Call it ‘ Cliffs Notes ‘ for adults.    It is a service that provides executive summaries for thousands of books across the non-fiction space including Business, History, Self-Improvement, Biographies, etc.etc.    Using their app or desktop you can easily access their library no matter where you are.

It’s actually a useful program whose benefits I think may even out weigh the value of the miles that you’ll receive.

The cost of the subscription is $299/year so when doing the math, it distills down to  1.495 cents per mile.   I’ve been hard pressed to find anything that comes close to getting this many miles in one deal for such a low cost.  Considering ‘Meilenschnappchen’ deals let you redeem Economy roundtrips for 30,000 miles or 55,000 miles for Business Class Roundtrips between the USA and Europe, getting 20,000 miles for only $299 works out quite nicely.

The deal for the 20,000 miles expires on November 30, at which point the offer will probably revert back to only getting 15,000 miles.

If you do decide to sign up, here’s a tip:

Normally, getAbstract gives you a 30 day money back guarantee period which delays your miles from crediting until after 30 days.   However, if you email them asking them to waive the return period, they’ll credit your miles within a few days.

To learn more about the deal, please visit the getAbstract promo on the Miles & More website.  Scroll down to the bottom of that page and you’ll see the ad box showing an additional 5k miles bonus being advertised.

Flying ‘Economy’ Aboard A Lufthansa A380 Soon?   Earn Double Miles For Your Effort!

Flying ‘Economy’ Aboard A Lufthansa A380 Soon? Earn Double Miles For Your Effort!

For those of you who are members of Miles & More (MM) and are scheduled to fly in Economy class aboard an A380 between now and January 31, you’ll want to pay attention!

Since October 29, and running through January 31, ‘MM’ members can register for a special Airbus/Lufthansa promo that will give you twice the award miles that you normally would earn on your ticket.    The promo states that you’ll earn miles based on your crediting rate for your fare class.   The multiplier does not apply to your ‘Executive bonus’ that you earn if you are a Frequent Traveler, Senator, or HON Circle member.   You’ll still get your Executive Bonus but those miles do not get the 2x multiplier that this promo offers.

It’s a good deal considering that if you’re flying aboard an A380 you’re flying a fairly long way so the miles credit will be substantial!  As of now, LH sends the A380 from Frankfurt to Bangkok, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New Delhi, San Francisco, Shanghai, and Singapore.

The deal applies to bookings made by December 31, 2017.  You must register in order to qualify and it covers flights taken through January 31.    The promo limits your participation to 8 A380 segments during the bonus period.

Simply visit the LH Promo webpage for the deal to enroll.   You’ll be asked to log into your MM account so have that info ready.

I’m not sure if the credit will apply if you have already flown aboard an A380 since October 29 and haven’t registered for this, but you should still register since miles won’t be credited until 8 weeks after you complete your flight.  You might catch a break and get the miles for flights you’ve already taken.