Miles & More Members:  Get 999 Miles For Free, Or 60,000 Miles With A Bit Of Effort

Miles & More Members: Get 999 Miles For Free, Or 60,000 Miles With A Bit Of Effort

Miles and More is currently running 2 promotions with one of their plan partners that gives the opportunity to get valuable miles either for free, or for taking advantage of a subscription service.   But note, you can’t do both!

German newspaper ‘F.A.Z’ or Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung for short is a daily paper that is offering the deals.    The easy and free path is to opt for the 999 miles which requires you to sign up for a free account to access digital content.   With this promo, the sooner you sign up, the more of the 999 miles you’ll earn.    In order to earn all 999 miles you need to sign up by December 8.   If you sign up between December 9 and 22, you’ll only get 899 miles and if you wait to subscribe between December 23 and 31 you’ll only get 599 miles.

The way to to get these miles:

  1.  First, make sure you are logged into you Miles & More account and then access this link.
  2. Once on the promo page, make sure your Miles & More account is set to ‘Germany’ as your location since the offer is only available via the German portal for MM (you can still have English as the language).
  3. Click on the ‘Subscribe Now’ Button in the promo and that will take you the rest of the way to enroll into the program.   With the subscription, you’ll get a 2 week trial to FAZ’s digital content without any further commitment required and you’ll get the 999 miles shortly thereafter.


Now for the 60,000 mile deal:

To get this deal you have to sign up for a year-long subscription to FAZ and have it delivered.   The monthly rate is €69.90 so over the course of the 12 months you’ll shell out about €840.   What you’ll get in return however is 60,000 miles which can be quite valuable since you can book a roundtrip Business Class ticket for 55,000 miles under the Meilenschnaeppchen program.    Keep in mind you’ll most likely need to have a German mailing address for the subscription.   What I’ve done in the past is to send it to a friend as a gift, or perhaps have it sent to a Senior Citizen center, Nursing Home, or some other place that could benefit from your generosity.

When you do the math, your cost per mile under the FAZ promo is only 1.4 cents.  Even when you add the taxes/fees to redeem the ticket ($966 for Business / $370 for Economy) you are still well ahead.  Consider that with taxes and cost of the subscription your Business Class ticket would only be about $1700-1900.   For Economy Meilenschneppchen deals, you can get a roundtrip ticket for only 30,000 miles, so with the FAZ deal you would get enough miles for 2 roundtrip tickets for only $1500-1700 (1 x 840 for FAZ + 2 x $370 for the fees for an economy award ticket).

However, you can only choose one of these promotions since FAZ limits you to taking advantage of only one deal every six months, and both of these offers expire at year’s end.

Either way, neither is a bad deal it’s just a matter of do you want the free and easy 999 miles, or put out a bit of effort to get the 60,000 miles.

To keep up with the latest promos for quick and easy miles, please visit the Miles & More forum on FlyerTalk regularly.   Deals come up several times a week!

Lufthansa Introduces ‘Cash & Miles’ Booking Option For Miles & More Members

Lufthansa Introduces ‘Cash & Miles’ Booking Option For Miles & More Members

Lufthansa announced today that it has launched a new program dubbed ‘Cash & Miles’ that will allow passengers to use a combination of cash and miles from their Miles & More account balance to book flights on any LH Group airline (as long as the booking is made through

The program is operational as of now, but from what I understand will not be available in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Finland, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain and Italy until early 2017.   It is however available in most countries outside of Europe.

If you are a resident in a country where ‘Cash & Miles’ is available, you’ll see the new option when pricing out a new fare (make sure your Miles & More profile is loaded).   There will be a sliding scale that you can use when calculating the amount of miles that will be needed based on the amount of cash you want to spend on a ticket.  According to the program rules, a minimum of 7,000 miles must be used towards any booking.

Tickets booked under ‘Cash & Miles’ will still qualify for full mileage credit to Miles & More based on the fare class that you are booking.

The program is targeted primarily to those Miles & More members that may not have quite the amount of miles needed for a full ticket redemption and the math confirms that notion.

Here are the numbers for 2 examples:   To reduce your fare by $20, you would need to use 7659 miles.   To reduce the fare by approximately $100, you would need to use 31,405 miles.   As you can see for the 31,405 miles you can book an economy award ticket within USA, or for a few more miles a ticket within Europe.   Not to mention the deals you can take advantage of through the Meilenschnappchen program.

However it is a net positive addition to the Miles & More platform because it does allow you to use your miles to offset the cost of a ticket.    The value of the program however is based on a case by case basis.  For some, this will be a great way to shed miles they normally wouldn’t be able use, while for others it would make sense to keep the miles towards a far better redemption option through Miles & More.


HURRY, ENDS TONIGHT!  Miles & More Senators Can Get FREE Hertz President Circle Status!

HURRY, ENDS TONIGHT! Miles & More Senators Can Get FREE Hertz President Circle Status!

I came across this earlier today via FlyerTalk (H/T Oliver2002).

If you are a Miles & More Senator, Hertz will reward your SEN status with President Circle level in their Gold Plus Rewards program.

If you are already a Hertz Gold Plus Rewards member, you simply need to update your profile with CDP Code 501032.   If you are not a member, simply sign up and during the enrollment process it asks if you have a ‘CDP’ code.    Enter the code and complete your enrollment.  In a few days your profile should reflect President Circle status.

Typically it takes 20 rentals a year to qualify for President Circle so this is opportunity should not be missed.   As a President Circle member you will be entitled to a guaranteed free upgrade to the next level car (based on your reservation) and guaranteed availability of a car when you need one.


Hertz logo 125x125

Changes Coming To Miles & More ????

Changes Coming To Miles & More ????

If things go according to plan and history, Lufthansa should be rolling out ‘enhancements’ to Miles & More sometime in the 3rd or 4th quarter of this year.   Typically LH tweaks their program every 2 years so we’re due, and if the announcement is similar to what other Frequent Flyer programs have implemented, people will start to cry that the sky is falling and the end days are upon the elitist maximizer…….

If you have been paying attention to airline loyalty programs, you’ll notice that most have transitioned, or are transitioning away from miles flown to determine status and are gravitating towards cash spent to determine status levels.  In other words, programs have become revenue based and the trend is spreading through the airline industry.

What may happen to Miles & More?   A few things…..

According to trusted sources that are near and dear to Lufthansa, it appears that one major change to Miles & More will be a move towards a revenue-based loyalty program.    From an airline’s perspective, this model has obvious advantages to the balance sheet and only makes sense to be implemented.    What remains to be seen is what the spend requirements will be for those striving for Frequent Traveller, Senator or HON Circle status levels.     Should the revenue model come to pass, expect the program to be favored towards passengers who are paying for full fare classes (F, A, C, D, J, E, G, B, Y).

Discount fare classes such as P and Z along with most Economy Classes will be on the losing side of the proposition as far as helping you gain status is concerned.  Another major concern will be how the program handles passengers who fly a lot of segments within Germany and Europe, but don’t spend a lot of money because even the most premium fares are not very high in most cases.

Other considerations on the drawing board for Miles & More include revamping the program to better integrate Eurowings (Lufthansa’s Low Cost Carrier unit) and how mileage/spend credit will be calculated from flights operated for Star Alliance member airlines.   Not much has come out of the rumor mill on these points, but it is obvious that Miles & More will need to be amended to account for these points should the transition to revenue-based loyalty take place.

Am I a fan of this?   Mostly yes.

What I like about revenue based programs is that it does reward an airline’s best customers and that is what a loyalty program should do.   Reward those that spend the most money, not those trying to ‘game’ the system just so they can get into a lounge.   What I don’t like is that I’ll have to focus more on the dollars I spend vs. the fare classes I buy, but the benefits of the program and my travel habits easily support the decision to accept a revenue-based plan.

With the current Miles & More platform for example,  it is easy to gain Senator Status for as low as $4000-5000.    Especially when you can book United ‘A’ fares within the United States for only $800 (Chicago -Washington DC – Seattle as an example).   A smartly built itinerary can easily yield 18-20,000 status miles with something like this.   Book 5 or 6 trips, and you’re Senator.   You never would even have to board a Lufthansa operated flight to earn SEN,  yet Lufthansa now bears the costs of that Senator’s membership including Lounge Access, E-Vouchers, etc.   Creating a true loyalty program that actually rewards loyalty is in my opinion the proper business decision for any airline.

Predictably, there will be a lot of protesting, snorting and grunting if and when these changes come to pass.   In my humble opinion, the Snorters and Grunters will ultimately be those that will be priced out of a loyalty program simply due to their lack of loyalty.   In theory this should improve the quality of the program for those who actually are loyal (key words of course being ‘in theory’).

Much more to come as we get closer to September and October when I expect the rollout of any changes.

Miles & More eVoucher Giveaway……They Need A Good Home!

Miles & More eVoucher Giveaway……They Need A Good Home!

Late last night I received a message from a reader who asked if I could help him find a good home for 2 eVouchers that are expiring at the end of this year.   Unfortunately (or fortunately for you?) he won’t be able to use the vouchers for his own travels, but has generously offered them up to a deserving traveller…..

After thinking on it for a few hours I think I’ve come up with the perfect way to get these vouchers into the hands of someone who can use them.

For the next 3 days, until midnight December 24, anyone who leaves their travel plans in the comment section of this post will have a chance to get the vouchers.   Once the deadline passes, the person (grantor) donating these vouchers will review all entries and he will pick the one that he feels is the best one.  One winner will receive both vouchers.

Keep in mind, your itinerary must already be booked.   In order to get the vouchers, your PNR or Locator code must be used when the vouchers are redeemed by the grantor.

Even though the vouchers expire on December 31, they can be applied to bookings in the future.  You do not need to travel by the end of this month.

Keep in mind that not every fare class is eligible for upgrade via voucher.   It is your responsibility to know if your fares are upgradeable!  The winner will not be awarded the vouchers if the fares in their itinerary are not eligible.

To learn about the various options, including fare classes and using the vouchers on Star Alliance partners,  please visit the FlyerTalk thread that specifically addresses how to use the vouchers.     Pay special attention to the ‘Wiki’ at the top of that thread.  If you have any specific ‘what-if’ questions, feel free to post them in that thread.

You can also refer to the Miles & More ‘Terms and Conditions’ for additional rules governing the use of Vouchers.  Please do not leave questions in the comment area as to how to use the vouchers.  There’s no guarantee that I’ll be able to answer the question in a timely manner.

The winner will be contacted by email by December 27.  Please make sure to leave your email address in the appropriate field when entering your comments.

LufthansaFlyer assumes no responsibility or liability as to the use of the vouchers.

UPDATE:   The vouchers have to ‘clear’ before expiring on December 31.  Should the winner’s booking not ‘clear’ the upgrade at the time the upgrade is requested, another winner may be selected if the Grantor choses to do so.