LUFTHANSA Changes Mind About A350 To Seoul

LUFTHANSA Changes Mind About A350 To Seoul

In today’s timetable update email that I woke up to, it appears that Lufthansa will not be sending the A350 to Seoul for a special appearance after all.

A few days ago, LH updated their timetable showing that their A350 would debut in Seoul at the beginning of the Olympics and then again at the end.    It was to fly to Seoul on February 4 and then once more on February 25.

Looking at the schedule it now appears that LH has reverted back to having the A346 fly the route on those days.

I’m not sure why this whipsaw in flight planning took place, but it is what it is.     I can only venture a guess that LH has plans to send the A350 to Seoul, but it will be done as a separate one-off flight perhaps dedicated only to athletes traveling to and from the Olympics while regular passengers will fly the normal scheduled flights.


LUFTHANSA Announces Special A350 Destination:  서울

LUFTHANSA Announces Special A350 Destination: 서울

Lufthansa has updated their Winter timetable for 2018 to reflect that the A350’s next destination will be Seoul, South Korea.

But before you get too excited, it appears (based on that it will only fly from Munich to Seoul twice.   Once on February 4, and then again on February 25, returning to MUC on February 5 and 26.

This schedule is not an accident, but reflects the beginning and ending of the Winter Olympics that will be hosted by South Korea next year.   No doubt that LH will use the A350 to bring German Olympians and their fans to the event and then take them home afterwards.

The flights will operate as LH718 departing MUC at 4:10p, and the return flight will operate as LH719 departing Seoul the next day at 12:30p.

LUFTHANSA Delays A380 To Seoul and 747-8i To Boston

LUFTHANSA Delays A380 To Seoul and 747-8i To Boston

Lufthansa has announced an additional delay to the deployment of the A380 to Seoul, South Korea and the 747-8i to Boston.

In the latest update, it now appears that the A380 will begin to fly between Frankfurt and Seoul on May 14.    The 747-8i is now set to appear on May 15 for flights between Frankfurt and Boston (LH422/LH423).

Tentatively, there is also a one time 747-8i flight between Frankfurt and Boston on May 8 (LH422/423).

LUFTHANSA Delays A380 To Seoul & 747-8i To Boston

LUFTHANSA Delays A380 To Seoul & 747-8i To Boston

Lufthansa has updated their timetable to reflect a minor delay for the introduction of the A380 between Frankfurt and Seoul.    Originally planned for April 26, the A380 will now debut on the route on May 6, 2015.

As a result of this minor delay, Frankfurt – Boston will have the 747-8i delayed until May 7.   Originally, the 747-8i was set to begin flying FRA-BOS on April 27.

If your travels involve these days and routes, please check your assigned seats and make changes as needed since the A380 and 747-8i have ‘slightly’ different seating charts! 😉