SWISS Updates ‘Jumbolino’ Retirement Date

SWISS Updates ‘Jumbolino’ Retirement Date

SWISS has once again updated their expected retirement date for the Avro RJ100 or as we like to refer to as the ‘Jumbolino’.   She’s known as the Jumbolino due to the 4 jet engines that are strapped to the wings of a small regional aircraft.

Per SWISS’ previous update, the target retirement date was set for August 26, 2017 however they have moved the date up to August 16.     Currently there are 7 ‘Jumbolinos’ left in service and most will be phased out over the summer months leading up to the August 16 date.  At their peak in the LX fleet, 25 Jumbolinos were darting around SWISS destinations throughout Europe.

The reason for the minor shift is due to SWISS finally getting all the C-Series jets from Bombardier after extended delivery delays.   Five have been put into service and one remains to be delivered. These aircraft will help fill in the void created by the removal of the Jumbolinos.

So for those of you who have a soft spot for aircraft entering retirement, start paying attention to the LX timetable for mid August.   I suspect there may be another tweak or 2 left to the schedule before its finalized, but SWISS will publish the final timetable well ahead of the retirement party.

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SWISS LX40 Makes Emergency Landing After Engine Failure – Video Of Landing!

SWISS LX40 Makes Emergency Landing After Engine Failure – Video Of Landing!


Earlier today, SWISS flight LX40 operating from Zurich to Los Angeles suffered an engine problem that required the shut down of the engine and an emergency diversion to a nearby airport.  The aircraft flying to route was one of their newer 777 aircraft, tail number HB-JND.

The plane landed safely at Iqaluit Airport (YFB) after traveling nearly 3000 miles from Zurich.  There is no immediate time frame for the continuation of the flight.  The airport’s main runway was closed for nearly an hour after the aircraft arrived.

There actually was someone at the airport able to catch the emergency landing.

The following video is from Twitter user @Tattuinee who captured the moment the 777 landed.

Now being towed safely to the apron:

Iqaluit is in the Nunavut region of Canada near the entrance to Hudson Bay, and not far from Santa’s workshop in the North pole.

Santa's Workshop is just a quick dog sled trip away...

Santa’s Workshop is just a quick dog sled trip away…


A quick decision was made to divert. Graphic courtesy of

A quick decision was made to divert. Graphic courtesy of


As luck would have it (for me at least), I have a friend who is on this flight so I expect hear all about his adventure in this remote outpost.   If there’s anything interesting to share, I’ll follow up with another post.

UPDATE:   Swiss has sent an aircraft from New York to pick up stranded passengers and take then onward to Los Angeles.


SWISS Bringing Their 777s To Chicago

SWISS Bringing Their 777s To Chicago

SWISS has announced that they will introduce the 777 on several flights between Zurich and Chicago beginning June 1, 2017.  Specifically, the 777 will be assigned to Flight LX008 and LX009 for 6 of the 7 weekly flights.  Overall, SWISS will maintain 12 flights per week between ZRH and ORD.

Here is what service will look like beginning June 1:

LX006 and 007 will still fly between ZRH and ORD 5 times a week (not Wednesdays/Fridays).  The flights will be operated with A330-300 aircraft.

LX008 and 009 will fly daily and will have the 777 on the route everyday except Tuesdays.   The Tuesday flight will be operated by an A330-300.

The 777 is expected to be on LX008/009 until October 28, 2017.   I expect that the Airbuses will come back for the winter due to demand decrease.


‘’ Video Series Feature SWISS A330 and Lufthansa A380

‘’ Video Series Feature SWISS A330 and Lufthansa A380 has available 2 documentaries covering a SWISS A330 flight between Zurich and Miami, and a roundtrip of a Lufthansa A380 between Frankfurt and San Francisco.

The SWISS A330 video released just in the past few weeks, provides over 2 hours of coverage including preflight and cockpit footage as well as footage from the Miami area including a visit to the SWISS Air Academy.   Highlights of the video include a distress call from a nearby Delta aircraft, Thunderstorm departure and a look at ETOPS planning for flights over water.  Here’s a teaser:


In addition to the video, offers a Flight briefing document that covers the flight and provides all the details including the flight plan, copies of the documents used by the crew for the flight, and other interesting facts from the flight.  The video is available in DVD formats or as ‘Video On Demand’ via the site.

A380 To SFO….

In their other ‘LH Group’ inspired release,  they cover a Lufthansa flight between Frankfurt and San Francisco aboard a Lufthansa A380.   One of the highlights of this edition is the retirement of Jürgen Raps, one of LH’s most senior captains.  Other features of this video include highlights from the crew break in San Francisco including a cruise beneath the Golden Gate as well as flight planning to avoid an angry volcano which led to a rare view of Greenland.

This video also covers the return flight of the A380 since it is the Captain’s last flight.  Since it was his ‘retirement flight’ the aircraft was greeted with a Water Cannon salute upon arrival in Frankfurt.  Like the SWISS video, this also has a comprehensive Flight Briefing document that provides a great detail of information regarding the flight.  The video is available on DVD formats as well or as ‘Video On Demand’ from the website.

In addition to these LH Group features, they also documented the delivery flight of a Lufthansa Cargo 777F back in 2015.  I’m kind of partial to this one because they used some of my footage in their documentary:



Need A Christmas Gift Idea?  Have 1,500,000 Million Miles To Spend?  SWISS Has An Option For You!

Need A Christmas Gift Idea? Have 1,500,000 Million Miles To Spend? SWISS Has An Option For You!

For those of you that have flown with SWISS recently, you’ll notice a major co-branding campaign with renowned Swiss watch house Breitling.   Its hard to miss the relationship when visiting any SWISS Lounge or flipping through their inflight magazine.

To raise the bar on their relationship, Breitling has unveiled an exclusive limited edition marking the introduction of SWISS’ Boeing 777 aircraft.   Limited to only 777 copies, watch aficionados and collectors can now add this unique piece to their collection.

Based on their iconic ‘Navitimer’, the unique SWISS tribute piece has tasteful customizations that make this Navitimer stand apart from other versions that have been offered by Breitling over the last 64 years.  Specifically, a red second hand with an aircraft pointer along with a customized SWISS caseback will make this Navitimer timer a unique SWISS tribute.   Each caseback will also carry its unique serial number, between 1 and 777.

Breitling is currently offering the watch for sale and it can be yours for 1,500,000 Miles & More miles. For those of you short on miles, but deep on pockets, you can buy the watch for CHF 7077.  See what they did there??   For those of you challenged in currency conversion, that amount equals approximately $7000 or €6600.   So its cheaper if you use Euros! 🙂

The watch has been on sale since Spring of this year and there are a few more copies available to fill the stockings of your loved ones!