For those of you that have flown with SWISS recently, you’ll notice a major co-branding campaign with renowned Swiss watch house Breitling.   Its hard to miss the relationship when visiting any SWISS Lounge or flipping through their inflight magazine.

To raise the bar on their relationship, Breitling has unveiled an exclusive limited edition marking the introduction of SWISS’ Boeing 777 aircraft.   Limited to only 777 copies, watch aficionados and collectors can now add this unique piece to their collection.

Based on their iconic ‘Navitimer’, the unique SWISS tribute piece has tasteful customizations that make this Navitimer stand apart from other versions that have been offered by Breitling over the last 64 years.  Specifically, a red second hand with an aircraft pointer along with a customized SWISS caseback will make this Navitimer timer a unique SWISS tribute.   Each caseback will also carry its unique serial number, between 1 and 777.

Breitling is currently offering the watch for sale and it can be yours for 1,500,000 Miles & More miles. For those of you short on miles, but deep on pockets, you can buy the watch for CHF 7077.  See what they did there??   For those of you challenged in currency conversion, that amount equals approximately $7000 or €6600.   So its cheaper if you use Euros! 🙂

The watch has been on sale since Spring of this year and there are a few more copies available to fill the stockings of your loved ones!