In their latest antic, the union representing LH’s flight crews has called for a complete shut down of all flights for 68 hours between November 11 and November 13 (Wednesday thru Friday).

As a result of this lunacy, LH is seeking injunctive relief from German Courts and is asking that this potential walk out be ruled illegal.

This latest strike threat would basically shut down all of Lufthansa’s operations in Munich, Dusseldorf and Frankfurt.

My gut tells me that the courts will side with Lufthansa and ban the union from this extreme action.   It is unfortunate that German laws give far more power to the union than they do to the corporations that employ their membership.    The playing field is far from level.

I’ll provide updates once there is any clarity to the strike actions planned for during the next 3 days.

You can also keep track on Lufthansa’s dedicated strike update page.