AUSTRIAN has partnered Vienna’s Tourist Board and has begun offering the Vienna Card to their passengers.

With the card (€18.90 for 48 hours / €21.90 for 72 hours),  ‘OS’ passengers can take advantage of over 200 discounts to sites and attractions within Vienna.   This also includes the ability to travel Vienna’s mass transit system (Train/Buses/Trams) for free.    In addition, Austrian passengers traveling in Economy will receive 10% off of the cost of admission to Austrian’s  3 Business Class Lounges in Vienna’s Airport (VIE).    The cost of lounge access is €35.00 (per passenger) before the discount and can only be used once on the date of your departure.

To learn more about the card and to see the list of specific venues where the discounts apply, please visit the Vienna Tourism website.

The card will be available for purchase directly through Austrian’s website right after you complete you booking.   You can also buy the card at locations throughout Vienna including hotels, tourist information centers, the central train station, and Winier Linien locations.