AUSTRIAN is running a fantastic contest to celebrate their ‘Tashcerl’ amenity kit that is available on Austrian long haul flights.   The contest is available through their Facebook website and is easy to enter.

Basically, AUSTRIAN’s Facebook visitors will enter the contest and vote for one of 3 destinations:  New York, Ibiza or Bangkok.   When the contest ends, a winner will be selected and will be awarded 2 Economy Class tickets to the destination that received the highest vote count.  If you are reading this in the USA, here is a hint – don’t vote for New York!  🙂   Vote for something far more exciting and exotic!



Vote for your favorite destination, you may end up winning a trip to it! 🙂


In addition to the Grand Prize, 50 other winners will win an authentic Austrian Tascherl amenity kit.

The contest will run until April 13, 2014 with the winner being announced on April 16, 2014.

As far as participation rules are concerned, the contest is open to everyone EXCEPT those living in France or Italy.