On Monday July 23, The Austrian version of the ‘Rock’ will attempt to set a new world record by pulling an Austrian 777 by himself  at Vienna’s Airport.

Franz Müllner, known as the ‘Austrian Rock’, will strap himself into a harness and attempt to pull one of Austrian’s Boeing 777 a distance of 10 meters in a bid to set a World Record.    He’ll have his work cut out for him as the aircraft weights approximately 142 tons when unloaded.


I'm not about to bet against this man......

I’m not about to bet against this man……


Müllner is no stranger to incredible feats and world record setting efforts.   According to his website, he has been setting records and demonstrating amazing feats of strength for 12 years.   This endeavor however looks to become his crowning achievement.

To get a sense of what is involved ahead of the attempt, here’s a video providing a sneak peak into the prepartions: