Brussels Airlines has modified their Cargo policy to ban the transport of any hunting trophies aboard their aircraft with immediate effect.   This bans covers their entire network.

What makes Brussels’ announcement so important is the fact that they directly serve 20 African destinations.    With this newly revised policy the impact should reverberate throughout the continent.

Brussels now joins Lufthansa, South African, Singapore, and Emirates with recent policy announcements that ban the transport of Hunting Trophies, regardless whether they were harvested legally or not.

It is encouraging to see airlines taking on an important role in an attempt to discourage the practice of hunting large African game simply for the purpose of harvesting a trophy.    Also encouraging is the fact that these transport bans are going beyond just the ‘obvious’ animals such as Rhino, Elephants, Lions, Tigers, and the like.

With the prevalence of poaching and other questionable hunting ethics, I for one am glad that Airlines are beginning to take an ‘absolute’ position on the matter.