LUFTHANSA’s Tante Ju Set To Return To The Skies

LUFTHANSA’s Tante Ju Set To Return To The Skies

After being grounded for all of this year due to some minor damage which then resulted in a decision to carryout more thorough maintenance, Tante Ju (D-AQUI) is being prepared to return to active service in June 2017.

Technicians from Lufthansa Technik have been working literally around the clock for the last several months to make sure that all the work is completed to their high expectations so that the Ju 52 can return in better shape than when she was new nearly 80 years ago.

With all this said, her schedule has been announced for the Summer and Fall of 2017 and can be found here.    The schedule covers a myriad of flights in Germany as well as some special appearances in Europe to celebrate certain key events.    Some flights are already booked up, so don’t wait too long to decide.  The link will also allow you to book your flights.

Old meets new when this A380 and Ju52 met up in Hamburg - photo courtesy of Lufthansa

Old meets new when this A380 and Ju52 met up in Hamburg – photo courtesy of Lufthansa

Being the rarest bird in the Lufthansa fleet, a flight aboard Tante Ju would be a feather in any aviation enthusiast’s cap!

To learn more about the Tante Ju program, please visit her official website.   To find out more about the organization that carries out renovation work on some of Lufthansa’s vintage aircraft, visit Deutsche Lufthansa Berlin-Stiftgung.



Lufthansa’s Most Beloved Aircraft Nears A Return To Service

Lufthansa’s Most Beloved Aircraft Nears A Return To Service

After the discovery of a serious fracture in a central stringer during a routine inspection last summer, LH’s beloved Ju52 ‘Tante Ju’ has been grounded while undergoing a complete overhaul.   Now with the work nearly complete, she looks to return to service in May of this year, just in time to celebrate her 80th Anniversary which takes place in April.  When all is said and done, €200,000 will have gone into repairs to make her airworthy again.

To give a sense of the severity of the damage, engineers at LH Technik compared it to a person suffering a broken neck.   In spite of the challenges, it looks as though she’ll be back and better than ever.   While repairs were going on for the fracture, other parts of the aircraft have been refreshed so that she’ll be in far better shape after this overhaul than she was before the crack was discovered.

Deutsche Lufthansa Berlin-Stiftung (DLBS), the non-profit group that cares for the Ju52, has been keeping a great ‘record’ of the renovation on their Facebook page.   Their regular updates include videos, photographs, and technical information that help visitors keep track of, and understand what has been taking place during the last few months.

Tickets are on sale for flights this summer and can be purchased through DLBS’ website.

Here is their most recent post, a time lapse video showing the wing being installed onto the fuselage:

Posted by Lufthansa Ju 52 on Wednesday, March 16, 2016

LUFTHANSA’s Ju52 Grounded Indefinitely

LUFTHANSA’s Ju52 Grounded Indefinitely

Earlier today, Lufthansa confirmed that the wonderful classic airliner, the Ju52, has been grounded indefinitely while it undergoes serious repairs.

During normal inspections, it was discovered that ‘Tante Ju’ had a central stringer break within her fuselage which will require a serious amount of work to repair and restore.   This was also the reason that the aircraft’s 2015 schedule was cut short.

At this point time, it is unknown how long the aircraft will be out of commission and no timeline has been speculated for her return.   Ticket sales for next season have been suspended until she is certified to return to service.

Hopefully the capable team at Lufthansa Technik will get her in the air sooner than later.