LUFTHANSA’s Tante Ju Set To Return To The Skies

LUFTHANSA’s Tante Ju Set To Return To The Skies

After being grounded for all of this year due to some minor damage which then resulted in a decision to carryout more thorough maintenance, Tante Ju (D-AQUI) is being prepared to return to active service in June 2017.

Technicians from Lufthansa Technik have been working literally around the clock for the last several months to make sure that all the work is completed to their high expectations so that the Ju 52 can return in better shape than when she was new nearly 80 years ago.

With all this said, her schedule has been announced for the Summer and Fall of 2017 and can be found here.    The schedule covers a myriad of flights in Germany as well as some special appearances in Europe to celebrate certain key events.    Some flights are already booked up, so don’t wait too long to decide.  The link will also allow you to book your flights.

Old meets new when this A380 and Ju52 met up in Hamburg - photo courtesy of Lufthansa

Old meets new when this A380 and Ju52 met up in Hamburg – photo courtesy of Lufthansa

Being the rarest bird in the Lufthansa fleet, a flight aboard Tante Ju would be a feather in any aviation enthusiast’s cap!

To learn more about the Tante Ju program, please visit her official website.   To find out more about the organization that carries out renovation work on some of Lufthansa’s vintage aircraft, visit Deutsche Lufthansa Berlin-Stiftgung.



LUFTHANSA Planning SPECIAL A350 Promo Flight With Special Events In Hamburg & Munich

LUFTHANSA Planning SPECIAL A350 Promo Flight With Special Events In Hamburg & Munich

Put this in your calendar!

Lufthansa is planning a special 1-off flight for their new A350 that will take lucky passengers from Munich to Hamburg and back.  The day will be full of special events surrounding the addition of the A350 to the fleet.

The flight is tentatively scheduled for February 9 (however Lufthansa has not yet confirmed the exact details).   From what I understand the flight will depart  Munich at 10:35am and return from Hamburg at 5:00p and will cost only €179 roundtrip.

The flight was available for booking earlier today, but I think a glitch has caused the flight info to be removed from Lufthansa’s timetable.  Keep checking as it should be returned fairly soon.   Once the flight is full, the booking will close.

The flight numbers are predictable!  The outbound flight will be LH350 and the return flight will be LH359, a quiet tribute to the aircraft model.

Passengers on this flight will have a few nice things to experience in Munich ahead of the flight, and once in Hamburg they will enjoy additional Lufthansa hospitality at their Technik facility.

Again, this is tentative and plans like this can change with little notice so take this post as an ‘FYI’ and pay attention to various outlets like ‘VFT’ or FlyerTalk’s Lufthansa Forum.

H/T:  FlyerTalk’s Oliver2002

LUFTHANSA Announces A350 Delivery Date

LUFTHANSA Announces A350 Delivery Date

Lufthansa has announced that their first Airbus A350 aircraft will be delivered on December 19.

The aircraft will be delivered directly to Munich where Lufthansa Technik will install the cabin interior and other proprietary enhancements.   During this time, the aircraft will also be used for cabin and ground crew training.


Lufthansa’s First A350. It’s currently carrying an Airbus tail number, which will be changed to D-AIXA once LH accepts the aircraft.

Munich will be the hub where the ‘initial’ A350 fleet will be based.  Lufthansa plans to assign the first 10 A350s to Munich as it begins replacing A340 aircraft.   Current plans call for up to 25 A350s to join the fleet over the coming months and years.    The tail number protocol for the A350 will be D-AIX_, with the first first A350 being registered as D-AIXA.

Once delivered, the aircraft will not enter passenger service until February 10, when the A350 will take over on the daily flight between Munich and Delhi.  Boston will follow shortly thereafter but based on Lufthansa’s past history with new aircraft, expect the A350 to be put on ‘tour’ and flown to several destinations during its first months in service.