Put this in your calendar!

Lufthansa is planning a special 1-off flight for their new A350 that will take lucky passengers from Munich to Hamburg and back.  The day will be full of special events surrounding the addition of the A350 to the fleet.

The flight is tentatively scheduled for February 9 (however Lufthansa has not yet confirmed the exact details).   From what I understand the flight will depart  Munich at 10:35am and return from Hamburg at 5:00p and will cost only €179 roundtrip.

The flight was available for booking earlier today, but I think a glitch has caused the flight info to be removed from Lufthansa’s timetable.  Keep checking as it should be returned fairly soon.   Once the flight is full, the booking will close.

The flight numbers are predictable!  The outbound flight will be LH350 and the return flight will be LH359, a quiet tribute to the aircraft model.

Passengers on this flight will have a few nice things to experience in Munich ahead of the flight, and once in Hamburg they will enjoy additional Lufthansa hospitality at their Technik facility.

Again, this is tentative and plans like this can change with little notice so take this post as an ‘FYI’ and pay attention to various outlets like ‘VFT’ or FlyerTalk’s Lufthansa Forum.

H/T:  FlyerTalk’s Oliver2002