Lufthansa has announced that their first Airbus A350 aircraft will be delivered on December 19.

The aircraft will be delivered directly to Munich where Lufthansa Technik will install the cabin interior and other proprietary enhancements.   During this time, the aircraft will also be used for cabin and ground crew training.


Lufthansa’s First A350. It’s currently carrying an Airbus tail number, which will be changed to D-AIXA once LH accepts the aircraft.

Munich will be the hub where the ‘initial’ A350 fleet will be based.  Lufthansa plans to assign the first 10 A350s to Munich as it begins replacing A340 aircraft.   Current plans call for up to 25 A350s to join the fleet over the coming months and years.    The tail number protocol for the A350 will be D-AIX_, with the first first A350 being registered as D-AIXA.

Once delivered, the aircraft will not enter passenger service until February 10, when the A350 will take over on the daily flight between Munich and Delhi.  Boston will follow shortly thereafter but based on Lufthansa’s past history with new aircraft, expect the A350 to be put on ‘tour’ and flown to several destinations during its first months in service.