Thanks to @MattCawby & his Paine Field Blog for capturing a glimpse of D-ABYT.   Lufthansa’s latest 747-8i sports a retro-livery reminding us of the days of the 747-200s.  If I were you, I would follow Matt on twitter – he is the best at bringing the first photos of aircraft as they exit the Boeing factory!

The plane exited the paint hangar earlier this week and is set to take her maiden flights in a few days.   Which coincidentally is when I will be there because of Lufthansa’s Cargo 777F delivery.

Here are few photos courtesy of Lufthansa:


a large airplane in a hangar

Courtesy: Lufthansa

a large white airplane in a hangar

Courtesy: Lufthansa

a close up of a plane

Courtesy: Lufthansa


a close-up of a plane