The first pieces for the first A350 destined for Lufthansa are coming together.

In facilities scattered throughout Europe, components are being assembled and prepared for final assembly at Airbus’ facilities in Toulouse, France.

Fuselage components are being assembled in Hamburg (Finkenwerder) while the wings are built in the UK before being shipped to Stade and Bremen for their final assembly.   The pieces will all gather in Toulouse where final assembly will take place.  Engines will also be added once the aircraft has been assembled.

According to Airbus, over 50% of the A350’s fuselage and wings will be made from carbon fibre, leading to dramatic savings in weight and operating efficiencies.

If things go to plan, we’ll see the first A350 delivered to Lufthansa later this year.  Lufthansa currently has 25 on order with an option to purchase an additional 30 aircraft.   The A350 fleet will be based in Munich.

The photos below are all courtesy of Airbus and Lufthansa (apologies for the resolution due to source of the photos):


MSN 074 is the serial number assigned to LH’s first A350



The interior as seen in Hamburg



Fuselage components in Hamburg.


Fuselage components in Hamburg

Fuselage components in Hamburg



Wing components in Bremen



Wing components in Bremen



Wing components in Bremen