In Frankfurt earlier today, German Chancellor Angela Merkel was in town to bestow an honor on one of Lufthansa’s A380 aircraft.

For those of you who are not aware, LH names virtually each of their aircraft after a city, town or village in Germany.  In the case of the A380 fleet, some are named after LH’s international destinations.

With today’s visit, Merkel took part in the ceremony that named Lufthansa’s newest A380 , D-AIMN,  ‘Deutschland’ by pouring Champagne on the aircraft as well as signing an official document to mark the occasion.  D-AIMN was delivered on April 7, 2015,  and had previously carried the nickname of ‘San Francisco’.  ‘MN’ is also the last A380 that Lufthansa will receive.

Kevin, a friend of mine, happened to be transiting Frankfurt earlier today and saw D-AIMN as she was heading towards the A380 hangar for the ceremony:

D-AIMN being brought to the A380 Hangar for the ceremony.


As irony would have it , guess where she’s flying off to tomorrow?