After a few months of building and rebuilding a website that I wanted for my Plane Spotting photography,  I finally ready to formally unveil

If you’ve noticed, ‘Aero-Shots‘ has been my watermark for my airline photography for a few years.   During that time I’ve amassed approximately 11,000 photos of Airliners from airports around the world.  It became time to catalog these images and begin putting them on their own dedicated site.

When you visit Aero-Shots, you’ll see a simple home screen with Airline logos that can be clicked to enter their respective galleries.   From there, visitors can choose a specific gallery based on the aircraft model (Boeing 747, Airbus A380, etc) and be taken to a screen showing photos of specific registrations or ‘tail numbers’.

Please note that the site only has 100-200 images thus far and the Lufthansa Gallery has the most content (Surprised?).   Now that I’ve completed the ‘skeleton’ of the website, I can focus my efforts on populating the galleries with my images.    Future updates will include blog posts, enhanced search ability and a few other improvements.  To search the website now, please click the ‘magnifying glass’ icon at the top right hand part of the page.   You can search by Airline, Aircraft Model, Registration or Tail Number, Airport Name and Airport code by simply typing the info into the Search Box.

Obviously this will be an ongoing project that actually may never be finished, but at least it is started and the hard part is done.   To keep up to date on new additions to the galleries, please follow Aero-Shots on twitter:  @_AeroShots.

Should you discover any obvious errors or problems, please let me know either by leaving a comment to this post or sending me a tweet @LufthansaFlyer or @_AeroShots.  I’d also appreciate your feedback regarding website speed, fluidity and any recommendations that you may have!

Hope you enjoy the photos!


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