Lufthansa is running an attractive Business Class fare sale through the rest of January for travel during the Summer between the US and Europe.   This sale is a bit better than most Business Class sales with fares are as low as $2150 (NYC – Dusseldorf) .

Most fares between the East Coast and a variety of European destinations range from the low to mid $2000 range, while the central US and west coast ranges between $3000 and $4000.   There are a few anomalies like Detroit-Rome which is pricing at $4400 but that is exception and not the rule for this sale.

The fare sale ends on January 30 and is valid for departures between June 25 and August 29.  Return travel needs to take place between July 7 and November 29, creating a fairly large window of opportunity.   The fare sale is valid for travel between Monday and Thursday.   Weekend flights will incur a surcharge.

Be mindful when you book your tickets since the operating carrier can be Lufthansa, Austrian, SWISS, Brussels, Air Canada or United.  My suggestion is to focus on the first 4 carriers that I mentioned.   You won’t regret it!