We all know that traveling for the Holidays can bring with it a certain level of stress.   Weather, unruly children (aka unions) and large crowds all focused on getting to their destinations can quickly take the spirit out of the Holidays.

To help get Holiday travel off to a positive start, Lufthansa’s team in Frankfurt has come up with a novel way to greet passengers that will be traveling during the next 2 weeks.

Specifically, LH has ‘rebuilt’ one of the departure gates in the ‘A-Plus’  terminal and turned it into quite a Christmas scene.   Passengers departing from Gate Z62 /64 will be welcomed with Christmas Carols instead of boarding announcements.  Christmas Trees and Red Carpets will cover the area around the gates and bring with them an obvious Holiday feel.



Lufthansa’s Holiday Spirit is quite obvious…….


For those of you not familiar with the A-Plus terminal in Frankfurt, the Z gates are non-Schengen gates for most Lufthansa’s international long-haul departures.   Z62/64 is located near the end of the A-Plus terminal but should be worth the walk to see it dressed up for the Holidays!

The ‘Christmas Gate’ will be in place between now and December 29.