By now most of you have heard the news regarding the week-long strike that has begun at Lufthansa by their cabin crews.   The strike started Friday, impacting travel primarily to and from Dusseldorf and Frankfurt.

Further details are available regarding the next few days:

A strike has been called for Saturday between 6:00a and 11:00p for all flights operating to and from Dusseldorf.   In addition, it appears that most of Lufthansa’s medium haul fleet in Frankfurt will be subject to the strike at the same time on Saturday.  This would include flights operated by Boeing 737s, and Airbus A319, A320, and A321 aircraft.  This threatens most of LH’s domestic and intra-European services from FRA and DUS.

It appears as though long haul travel is safe for at least tomorrow in Frankfurt.

Also, the union stated that there would be no strike actions in Munich at least through Sunday since this weekend is busy with the return of travelers from Holidays in Bavaria.

Lufthansa has been publishing regular updates on their website, which has included strike updates as well as flight status and cancellation information.   All of this can be found by visiting this webpage.

I suspect more updates will be made available over the weekend concerning flights for next week.  I would expect that Munich may be especially hard hit after the Holiday Weekend.