Last week I spent several days in Europe to attend the Austrian Grand Prix as well as to make stops in Munich and Frankfurt for a bit of plane spotting and LH Business.

Frankfurt was a disappointment due primarily to the lack of progress on their Observation Deck renovation.  I only had a few hours free in FRA so I couldn’t go to my favorite spotting site along the North-South runway.

Munich however was fantastic.  Weather cooperated nicely and with large white and grey clouds to act as a backdrop, it provided for a solid spotting session.    And thanks to Munich, I was able to capture about 26 LH aircraft that were missing from my ‘spotted list’.  I am now only 6 LH aircraft away from personally spotting the entire mainline fleet.    I suspect the missing 6 will require a bit of stalking and hunting on my part later this year when I return.

Munich’s Besucherpark offers a great view of their runways, and with winds out of the west, creates the opportunity to catch departing flights as they take off.   The large viewing hill (more like a pyramid) puts you above the airport and gives a great prespective.    Admission is only €1 and is open 24 hours…..a pretty good value!

So for part 1, here are 12 images that I though turned out rather well and include a diverse range of liveries.     Part II will focus a bit more on the LH fleet.



Air Canada’s A330 shortly after arrival.


Speedbird’s A320 departs for Heathrow.


Delta’s 767 departs for the States….


Always an interesting scene when an El Al aircraft departs Germany. The armored police escort is provided at both MUC and FRA.


The usually benign LOT ERJ looks good with the IronMan livery.


One of my favorites of the day, the LH A320 in *A livery looks good against a cloudy backdrop.


An LH’s A346 departing MUC with an efficient angle of attack….


Honestly, the first time that I have seen a non-turbo-propped Luxair aircraft.


Oman’s A330 is towed to the gate for passenger boarding.


Qatar’s 787 is towed to her gate.


Tui and one of their beautiful Haribo 737s


An early United 767 departure.