Last week, Austrian’s CCO Andreas Otto was in New York to visit colleagues at Austrian’s offices and provided his insights on the airline and what the future will bring to OS.

As part of his comments, he suggested that a new Business Class cabin is on the way for Austrian’s long haul aircraft.    His plans called for the retrofit to be completed by 2020 and would include any 767, 777s and A350s that could or would be in the fleet at that time.    Maybe I missed something along the way, but I did not think OS was getting any A350s.

Regardless, I look forward to what the new Business Class concept will be from OS.  It feels like only yesterday that the current Business Class cabins were introduced.

Stay tuned.  I’m certain theres a lot more coming on this topic.

On another topic, he also mentioned SFO and LAX may be next on OS’ radar….but nothing definite at this point.