A post published by Africa Geographic is suggesting that South African Airways has placed a WORLDWIDE BAN on the transport of Hunt Trophies, even if proper export and import permits are in place.

In what looks to be an internal document, the ban specifically refers to Rhinos, Elephants, Tigers, and Lions which are among the world’s most endangered big-game animals.



By no means am I an environmentalist or tree hugger but after going on a Safari last year, I’ve developed a passion around the protection of endangered animals, especially the Rhino who are at the mercy of poachers throughout Africa.  Anytime I see positive developments such as the potential new SAA Cargo policy, I’ll share it in the hopes of bringing additional awareness to the topic.

If in fact this policy is now in place with SAA Cargo, I hope that other airlines follow their lead and adopt similar policies.    This looks like a very effective way to put an end to the needless killing of defenseless, endangered animals.