SWISS has updated their reservation systems today to reflect operational information covering their new 777s that will begin joining the fleet next year.

The debut of the aircraft is set to take place on February 21, 2016 when LX14 departs Zurich and heads for JFK.   The return flight from JFK is LX17.   Please be aware that the 777 will fly this route only on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

After JFK, Montreal will be the next destination to see the 777 when the aircraft begins flying to Montreal on March 27.   The 777 is expected to fly this route daily.

On April 10, Hong Kong will get its first look at the 777.   The 777 is set to initially fly to HGK on Wednesday, Friday, and Sundays.   Then, on May 3, 2016 777 service will expand to everyday EXCEPT Thursday and Saturday.   Beginning May 12, the 777 will fly to HKG on a daily basis.

Los Angeles will begin to see the 777 on a daily basis beginning on June 9, 2016.

As it stands now, SWISS is forecasting the following transition to 777 service on other long haul routes:

Bangkok on July 8

Sao Paulo on August 1 

San Francisco on September 1

PLEASE keep in mind that these are very preliminary launch dates for 777 service and I suspect that the dates will change quite a bit between now and the 4th quarter this year.    These dates are assuming that the aircraft is delivered in early January by Boeing which will give time for SWISS crews to train on their new aircraft before taking it ‘live’.    Delays in delivery are possible and unfortunately, expected when it comes to these things.

What I do know is I have a reason to brave the weird winter weather in Seattle in January to see her fly home.