I know for some of you that your travel plans are occasionally dictated by what aircraft will fly the route.   I know I do it.

So in that spirit, here is a brief update on a small revision issued by SWISS concerning their 777 flying to Bangkok.   Originally the aircraft was to debut on the route on July 8 but has now been set back to July 15.   Only a week, but if that is your week, you might not be a happy camper.

As far as Hong Kong is concerned, the 777 is set to debut as scheduled on April 10, but initially it will not fly the route everyday.    Between April 10 and May 1, the 777 will only fly from Zurich on Wednesday, Friday, and Sundays.     Between May 2 and May 19, the 777 will fly on Monday, Wednesday, Thursdays, and Saturdays.    However on May 20 the 777 will begin flying to Hong Kong on a daily basis.

Plan accordingly! 🙂