LUFTHANSA Unveils Update Of New Livery…..But No Decision On Final Version Has Been Made

LUFTHANSA Unveils Update Of New Livery…..But No Decision On Final Version Has Been Made

According to Lufthansa, the 747-400 that landed in Frankfurt yesterday after spending a few weeks in a paint shop is sporting a slightly new look as compared to the new livery released a few months ago.

You may recall that Lufthansa walked back its decision on the new livery after realizing that the blue used in the design was too dark in some environments.

The newly painted D-ABVM flew to Toronto today after rejoining the fleet sporting the new look.    Not only is the Blue of a different tint, the Crane on the tail was enlarged to help identify the airline from a distance.


Lufthansa released the following video showing ‘VM’s arrival in FRA:


Lufthansa did say that this is not necessarily the final version of the new livery, but rather a test sample to see how the aircraft looks under a variety of ‘real world’ environments.


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Avgeeks Rejoice!   USA Orders Two NEW ‘Air Force One’ Aircraft

Avgeeks Rejoice! USA Orders Two NEW ‘Air Force One’ Aircraft

After a bunch of politicking, the White House and US Air Force have announced that it has placed an order for 2 new 747-8i aircraft to replace the aging 747s currently used to transport the President.

The deal amounts to $3.9 billion and according to the White House this reflects a $1.4 billion dollar reduction in cost vs. the original bid tendered by Boeing.  Original pricing suggested that the cost of the 2 new birds would be between 5 and 6 billion dollars.   The cost covers all the retrofit work needed for the 2 aircraft.

The 2 planes have already been manufactured and have been kept in storage by Boeing after the original purchaser defaulted on the order and never took delivery of the aircraft.

The Air Force will take delivery of the aircraft and work with Boeing to carry out EXTENSIVE modifications to meet the security and safety demands that come with carrying the President.

It will still be a few years before we see the new beauty in the skies.  Potentially during President Trump’s second term…. 😉

HERPA Limited Edition Desktop Model Of Lufthansa’s D-ABYA Dressed  In New Livery

HERPA Limited Edition Desktop Model Of Lufthansa’s D-ABYA Dressed In New Livery

One of the many surprises that awaited me in Frankfurt included a gift from Lufthansa of a Limited Edition desktop model of D-ABYA.   The 747-8i that was the first aircraft to carry the new livery design.   There’s also an A321 carrying the colors as well, but the 747-8i is the one that stands out for me.

The kit is not yet available but when it does hit the shelves it’s bound to become a fan favorite.    The model that I was given is a 1:400 scale and as I mentioned earlier, will be produced in limited numbers.    The model came packaged in a heavy duty box with thick foam protecting the aircraft.   In addition, a sturdy metal stand is provided to set the airplane on if you want it raised off the ground.

Here are a few shots as I was unpacking her….

The model came with a card indicating that this was number 201 of the Limited Edition

Safely packaged in heavy foam.   When unpacking, please watch for a tiny screw that is beneath one of the stand pieces.   The screw is used to assemble the stand.




LUFTHANSA Updates 747 Operations Between Frankfurt and Berlin

LUFTHANSA Updates 747 Operations Between Frankfurt and Berlin

In the days following their takeover of most of Air Berlin’s routes, Lufthansa has deployed their 747s on certain flights between Berlin and Frankfurt to help move passengers between hubs.

Initially, plans called for the 747s to stay on the route for certain flights until November 30.   Due to load factors, LH has now extended this strategy to at least December 21, primarily to help manage increased passenger traffic during the Christmas season.

Keep in mind that not ever flight between Frankfurt and Berlin is operated by a 747.  In fact, only 28 flights in total will fly between the 2 cities between December 1 and December 21.  All other flights between the city pair will be operated by A321 aircraft.

BOEING Begins Drafting The 747’s Obituary…….

BOEING Begins Drafting The 747’s Obituary…….

Earlier today, Boeing released its forecast for the commercial aviation market for the next 20 years.   This typically discusses what Boeing sees coming for the industry including demand for certain type of aircraft and the demographics of future customers.

What was noticeably absent from the 2017 version of this forecast was any talk of the 747.  They have acknowledged that the 747 platform is being wound down, without any serious orders forthcoming.

For the first time in decades, Boeing is now looking to a future driven only by 2-engine aircraft, primarily the 737, 787 and upcoming 777x platforms.    The forecast suggest that the aircraft market over the next 20 years will require over $6 trillion in new aircraft deliveries.

D-ABYT prepares for her first ever flight, a B1 test flight at Paine Field.

Of course this makes all the sense in the world since technology has allowed 2 engines to do the work of 4, and deliver passengers to their destinations in more comfort and safety than ever before.   But for the aviation romanticists in the world that have always seen the 747 as the most beautiful aircraft in the sky, such a sobering moment doesn’t pass easily.

In their comments, Boeing stated that they were simply being realists in their projections and see that the era of 4 engine aircraft is drawing to an end.    I guess all that’s left is to enjoy the Queen of the Skies for as long we can….

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