BRUSSELS Expands Codeshare Cooperation With Thai Airways

BRUSSELS Expands Codeshare Cooperation With Thai Airways


Brussels Airlines and Thai Airways announced an increase in their ‘codeshare’ arrangement that will increase the relationship between the 2 airlines.   In a ceremony held at the Regis Hotel in Bangkok, dignitaries from both Belgium and Thailand were on hand to celebrate the announcement.

The crux of the announcement deals with Thai Airways increasing service and capacity between Brussels Airport and Suvarnabhumi Airport.  This builds on a codeshare arrangement that was initiated in July 2012 by the airlines.   According to Thai, they have seen an increase in demand for service between Bangkok and Brussels which led to the decision to increase the codeshare arrangement.

This works out very well for the 2 Star Alliance member airlines.  Brussels Airlines will see an increase in passenger traffic coming from Thailand that will use Brussels flights for onward connections within Europe and Thai will be able to capture more of the European market that travels to Asia.

For those of you not familiar with what a ‘codeshare’ is, it is simply an ability for one airline to book its passengers for travel on other airlines as part of a travel itinerary.   For example, if someone wants to fly on Brussels from New York to Thailand, Brussels Airlines can sell a passenger a single  ticket that has them flying from New York to Brussels on Brussels Airlines, and then connect to a Thai flight from Brussels to Thailand.   Another way to look at codeshares is the ability for one airline to sell tickets for flights that will be operated by other airlines.    Without a codeshare agreement, the passenger would generally need to buy separate tickets from each airline.     Codeshares are prevalent throughout the airline industry and have made travel planning very easy for airlines and passengers.





BRUSSELS AIRLINES – 20% Off Easter and Spring Travel In Europe

BRUSSELS AIRLINES – 20% Off Easter and Spring Travel In Europe


BRUSSELS AIRLINES is running a fare sale for intra-European travel that takes 20% off  their “b.light” fares.  The interesting bit about this fare sale is that it does not apply travel that originates in Brussels.   Rather, it is geared for Non-Belgians to book travel either to or through Brussels to other European destination.

The fare sale covers the Easter Holiday and early Spring season and creates a compelling reason to shake off the winter cobwebs and head to some of Europe’s wonderful destinations.

The fare sale is in place until until 12 March and is valid for travel between 1 April and 31 May 2013.  To be eligible for the discounted fare, you must fly on BRUSSELS operated flights.   Additionally, the 20% discount applies only to the base fare and not to taxes and other fees.   The discount will be applied once you select your flights and are ready to book your ticket.

BRUSSELS: Up To 30% Off Intra-European Destinations

Brussels Airlines is currently having a fare sale on their Intra-European routes where you can find savings of up to 30%. The fare sale is in place until January 7. Travel must take place between 1 January and 30 April, 2013. Keep in mind that the discount applies to the base fare only. Taxes and fees are not “discountable”.

Destinations with 30% discount:

Berlin, Bologna, Bristol, Hamburg, Hannover, London, Lyon, Madrid, Marseille, Milan, Newcastle, Oslo, Prague, Stockholm, Toulouse, Turin, Venice, Vienna

Destinations with 20% discount:

Barcelona, Bilbao, Birmingham, Gothenburg, Rome

Destinations with 10% discount:

Basel, Budapest, Geneva, Lissabon, Malaga, Manchester, Moscow, Nice, Strasbourg, Vilnius

To take advantage of the offer, please visit Brussels Airlines’ Fare Sale webpage.


BRUSSELS AIRLINES has earned the reputation for thinking outside the box for its various marketing and social media efforts. I think they have some of the best campaigns and programs of any airline.

With that said, BRUSSELS has raised the bar this Holiday Season. To celebrate the season of giving, BRUSSELS turned to their unsuspecting passengers and provided them with fantastic Holiday cheer.

Last week, in Brussels’ airport, the airline placed a wrapped giftbox labeled with “” and “pick me up, I’m yours” gift tags onto a baggage carousel . The objective was to see which passengers would be tempted to pick up the “Present” while waiting for their luggage to arrive.

For those brave passengers that took the chance to pick up the package, they were quickly met by an airline associate who presented them with a real Christmas Present, 2 round-trip tickets on Brussels within their European network. How’s that for being in the spirit of the Holiday Season??? Well done Brussels Airlines! You do a lot that other airlines can learn from!!

For more information on Brussel’s fare sale, please click here.

Here is the video showing some of the lucky passengers who benefitted from this great promotion:


Give The Gift Of Travel With Brussels Airlines Fares

If you’ve run out of ideas for gifts for friends and family, Brussels Airlines may have a good option for you. Between now and 31 December, Brussels is running what I think is an interesting Holiday fare promotion that makes it easy to give the gift of travel. fares allow you to buy airfare for up to 3 people who can travel together on the same ticket at the sames time. It’s a great way to give families and friends the ability to travel where they choose and on their own timeline. Its also a great opportunity for you to reward yourself and your family with a respite after a busy Holiday season. It’s also a fantastic way to help your loved ones come and visit you as well!

The fares are extremely attractive and cover all of Brussels’ European destinations, from Malaga to Vilnius and every point in between!

The b.fare pricing breakdown is as follows:

1 Person €99
2 Person €198
3 person €297

The key part of these fares is that everyone named on the ticket has to travel together at the same time, on the same flights, to the same destination.

The promotion will continue until 31 December, so there is plenty of time to take advantage of it. The only requirements are that travel needs to be booked between December 26 and March 23 and travel must take place between 1 January and 31 March.

To take advantage of this Holiday Promotion, please visit the Brussels Airlines webpage.