LUFTHANSA’s New Look Arrives In Hamburg…..

LUFTHANSA’s New Look Arrives In Hamburg…..

Lufthansa’s first aircraft to sport the new livery arrived in Hamburg earlier this morning where she’ll get a refresh of the economy cabin before being introduced officially to the public next week.

‘D-ABYA’, Lufthansa’s first 747-8i, arrived from Rome where she was repainted into the new LH colors.    The interior work that will take place in HAM will reflect the new direction that Lufthansa is taking with interior colors.   Passengers will be greeted by warmer and lighter blue tones similar to the color scheme found aboard the A350 aircraft.    Over time, all aircraft will have their interior reworked into the new look.

These are some of the latest photos that Lufthansa has published showing D-ABYA’s arrival from ‘FCO’.   She’ll be in HAM for a few days and then flown to Frankfurt sometime on Tuesday.


Looks quite dark in the overcast conditions. I wish they had applied a similar angle treatment to the engine covers to make the middle of the aircraft ‘pop’ a bit more.

Parked at the Technik hangars in Hamburg

Looking pretty good!

Arrival from Rome….

The new, bold look of Lufthansa


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LUFTHANSA Unveils The New Livery…..And I Like It!

LUFTHANSA Unveils The New Livery…..And I Like It!

LUFTHANSA has unveiled the update to their livery to mark ‘100 years of the Crane’ and quite honestly I must say that I like it!

Certain elements have been removed, but replaced with new and updated features that will really help the LH fleet stand out.

What’s changed:

  • Lufthansa has decided to forego the yellow and blue logo that adorns the tail and replaced it with a white logo surrounded by a new, darker and more rich blue that will extend from the tail and follows the tail’s line onto the fuselage.
  • The grey belly is also a thing of the past.    The planes will now be fully white, except for the blue found in the tail section.
  • A minor update to the font as well, but not so much that it looks radically different.

To see how it all comes together, here are a couple of pages from Lufthansa’s inflight magazine that highlight the changes and discusses them in a bit more detail.   The only thing I wish that would have been considered was to bring the new blue color onto the engine nacelles to really ‘pop’ the middle of the aircraft.

As you can see below the front of the plan looks fairly identical to the current look except for what LH refers to as a ‘simplified, timeless new typeface’…..which still looks very much as the current version.

Courtesy: Lufthansa Magazin


The rear of the aircraft is where we really see the impact of the new look.   Lufthansa has gone with a darker blue for the tail, and as I mentioned earlier, the yellow circle and blue crane have been replaced with a sleeker version of the 100-year old logo.   Additionally, the blue now flows onto the fuselage to accentuate the lines of the tail.    You’ll also notice that they paint the leading edge of the tail white to further help show off the plane’s geometry.   Though by keeping it white, it also prevents paint chips from being too obvious.   Take a look at an older Singapore A380’s tail and you’ll see what I mean, the leading edge of the tail takes a lot of abuse!

Courtesy: Lufthansa Magazin

These changes will not be limited to only the aircraft.   LH over the coming months will refresh everything to reflect the new look, including stationery,  airport signage, media graphics, all the way down to the hangars that are found aboard their aircraft.    In fact it will take a few years to get hundreds of aircraft to sport the new look.    Each aircraft will be repainted as it goes in for normal ‘heavy’ maintenance.

I think Lufthansa has knocked it out of the ballpark with this new look.   Fortunately, they decided to honor the Crane and her 100 years of flying with Lufthansa but they brought her into the 21st century in a beautiful and modern way.

I very much look forward to seeing it in person.