Got your attention didn’t it…..

Anyway, Lufthansa’s First Class Services has confirmed that the traditional Yellow Duck has been retired.

No longer will the yellow quacker go home with First Class Lounge and Terminal visitors as a souvenir from Frankfurt.

However, passengers will be given a sleek new silver version instead  🙂


The yellow duck is retired.....

The yellow duck is retired…..


The reason for the change is based on the fact that for the last 10+ years the standard duck has always been yellow and the feeling is that most of LH’s HONs have quite a collection of them.

This change applies only to Frankfurt at this time.   Munich will continue with its current duck ‘strategy’.

What does this mean to special editions of the duck for Holidays and Special Events?  You’ll have to wait and see!

It also means that your yellow ducks have become that much more valuable…….