Coming This Summer From Lufthansa:   Sushi In Economy Class!

Coming This Summer From Lufthansa: Sushi In Economy Class!

Lufthansa has announced that they will be introducing an ‘A La Carte’ menu for passengers traveling in Premium Economy or Economy class on long haul flights out of Frankfurt and Munich.

The program will be similar to what is offered by Austrian, where passengers can order specific meals ahead of their flights.

The Lufthansa version of this program will begin this May, and will give passengers the option to order one of several unique meals for their flights.    As far as pricing is concerned, expect to pay between $20 and $35 per meal.

The menu will cover a wide range of options including Sushi served in Bento Boxes, Mediterranean Seafood, Thai curry, Bavarian specialities, an Asian ‘vitality’ meal, or simply a grilled steak.

The meals can be ordered as part of your booking process.  Orders need to be placed at least 24 hours prior to your departure.

The standard, complimentary economy or premium economy meals will be available as usual for passengers not wishing to purchase the ‘A La Carte’ option.



LUFTHANSA Will Be Tweaking The New Livery

LUFTHANSA Will Be Tweaking The New Livery

Lufthansa has confirmed that it will adjust the new livery after seeing it in action over the past few weeks.

The biggest criticism that most people had was that the Blue on the tail was too dark, and would look black in many cases.    Lufthansa agrees and has decided to modify the Blue to be a lighter color that will reflect as a proper blue in most daylight conditions.

No time frame has been set as Lufthansa wants this update to be the last one for a long time.   I suspect it will be several weeks of trial and error before they settle on the final shade of blue.

When I saw it in Frankfurt, it was fine in direct sunlight, however in any overcast condition, the blue did indeed become very dark and unless you knew the tail was supposed to be blue, it would be easy to mistake it for a black tail.

So when all is said and done, what matters most is that my ‘Herpa’ desktop model of the original, darker new livery has just become an instant collectors item!  🙂



LUFTHANSA Europe Sale Features One Way Fares As Low As €35…….2 Days Only!

LUFTHANSA Europe Sale Features One Way Fares As Low As €35…….2 Days Only!

Lufthansa has launched a 48 hour fare sale that significantly discounts fares to most cities in Europe.    Though it’s a marketing gambit to advertise fares as ‘one way’, when you put together 2 one ways to make a roundtrip, the deal is still solid.

For example….

Frankfurt to Barcelona can be had for only €35 each way.    The same goes for Krakow, Catania, and Dublin among others.

Fares from Munich mirror the pricing from Frankfurt so there are several €35 deals from MUC as well.

Outside of the special €35 destinations, most other one way tickets to the rest of Europe range between €50 and €70 which makes the fare sale an attractive proposition in most cases.

This fare sale ends on February 25, 2018 at midnight CET.

Departures need to take place between March 3 and May 15, 2018.   Travel must be completed by May 17, 2018.   A blackout period between March 23 and April 9 is in place (Easter).    Tickets must be purchased 7 days prior to departure.