LUFTHANSA GROUP’S Next Business Class Seat Might Look Like………

LUFTHANSA GROUP’S Next Business Class Seat Might Look Like………

As we get closer to the introduction of the 777X to the Lufthansa fleet, rumors are starting to fly around regarding what the cabin might look like, especially Business Class.

Buzz has been building, and it looks as though a familiar name will be behind the new Lufthansa seat.

Germany’s Recaro, which has been used by Lufthansa on a regular basis, appears to be the manufacturer of the new seat.    Specifically, it looks as though Recaro’s CL6710 model will be adapted to fit Lufthansa’s needs.   This new seat will debut in 2018, and could likely be what is installed on Lufthansa, SWISS, Austrian, and Brussels aircraft.   Lufthansa Group made the announcement a while back that identical next generation Business Class seats will be installed on long-haul aircraft group wide.

Recaro advertises the seat as the next generation in Business Class comfort, providing passengers increased comfort and amenities as compared to current iterations of Business Class seats.   One major feature will be the ability for a passenger to use their smart phone to control all aspects of the seat.  Hopefully, an electronics ban at that point won’t include even the modest cell phone!

Here are a few images as provided by Recaro showing off the new seat.   The seat will actually debut with TAP at some point next year.

I’m excited about the prospect that the 777x might be a 1 – 2 – 1 layout in Business Class (at least based on this seat design), which would be fantastic!










LUFTHANSA / SWISS / AUSTRIAN Summer Business Class Fare Sale To USA

LUFTHANSA / SWISS / AUSTRIAN Summer Business Class Fare Sale To USA

LH Group has launched an attractive Business Class fare sale for travel between Europe and the USA.

The best fares as usual are to the East Coast, with Boston, NYC, Washington DC and Philadelphia pricing at €1800.   Southeast and Midwest destinations can be reached for about €2000 while the West Coast can be booked for €2600.   Canada is also part of the fare sale with fares similar to those for the USA.

The fare sale is in place until June 7, 2017.  Tickets must be purchased 14 days prior to departure, and there is a 6 night minimum stay.

Inventory is wide open for June / July / August travel.


SWISS Fare Sale Ex-Italy To The World :  First Class For €2500 / Business Class As Low As €900

SWISS Fare Sale Ex-Italy To The World : First Class For €2500 / Business Class As Low As €900

SWISS has launched extremely attractive premium fares for travel originating from their Italian gateways to most of their global destinations.

One of the better deals is Hong Kong for only €3000 in First or in Business Class for a ridiculously low price of only €1400.

Other examples include Bangkok for €2500 in First / €1340 in Business, Sao Paulo for only €2900 in First / €1400 in Business, Delhi for €2500 in First / €1340 in Business.

Unfortunately the fare sale does not extend to North American destinations, but there are plenty of fantastic prices available to the rest of the world if you don’t mind originating your SWISS ticket in Italy.   A minor inconvenience considering the impressive pricing for their premium cabins.

This offer obviously requires you to connect through Zurich, so you connecting flight from Italy would be a Business Class seat aboard a SWISS narrow body aircraft (A319/20).

The fares are available for booking until May 22, and valid travel windows extend all the way to February 28, 2018 so there is plenty of room to find a ticket!

A minimum stay of 5 nights is required to qualify for these fares.


What It’s Like To Have A SWISS First Class Cabin All To Myself

A Visit To The SWISS First Class Lounge in Zurich


H/T:  Sky Travel Agency (Contact them for booking assistance if you can’t readily find the deal yourself).




Between now and April 30, you can book roundtrip travel in Business Class aboard Lufthansa / SWISS / Austrian / Brussels to the USA for only $1400 (Roundtrip).   The minor catch is that you have to begin your travels from Berlin.  But for a $1400 Business Class ticket, that may be a very minor thing to worry about.

The fare sale covers travel between May 26 and September 4, 2017 and only requires a Saturday night stay.    You must purchase your tickets 14 days ahead of your planned departure.   This pricing is also available on flight operated by United and Air Canada, so you can get quite creative in how you route your travel from Berlin.

This special fare was published on the website.   Sky Travel specializes in finding and booking LH Group deals and promos that may not normally be published by the airlines.   I’ve used them a few times in the past when I needed to build creative routings for mileage runs, or to get the best possible price for premium cabin tickets.    If you’re looking to build a fun and creative itinerary, reach out to them and see what they can do for you.   If you can’t find this fare deal on the airline websites, contact Sky Travel directly.

But Hurry, you only have 3 days to get this deal!


SWISS To Europe For As Low As $480……Business Class Sale Still On Too!

SWISS To Europe For As Low As $480……Business Class Sale Still On Too!

Swiss launched their late Spring fare sale with attractive pricing to most of their European destinations.    By far the best deals are found for flights out of Boston or New York, where $480-$550 can get you to Paris and other ‘Western’ European cities.    Fares to the rest of Europe from the East Coast range in the $550-$650 range.

From Chicago, expect to pay about $100 more than the East Coast fares to get to the same destinations.   From the West Coast, you can get to Greece, Budapest and other cities for as low $720.

As usual, SWISS is fairly cryptic with the terms and conditions for the fares, and the website is not helpful as far as navigating multiple options without needing to reset the page each time to a certain departure city.   What I was able to gather was that the fares are valid for travel between April 7 and June 5, with weekend surcharges if flying on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, or Sundays.

As a reminder, SWISS is still running their Spring Business Class fare sale with prices starting at $2500 from the East Coast to most of Europe.   You can find more details here.