LUFTHANSA Unveils New FC Bayern Livery For Audi Summer Tour And Beyond…..

LUFTHANSA Unveils New FC Bayern Livery For Audi Summer Tour And Beyond…..

Lufthansa has unveiled a new livery that will dress up one of their A340 aircraft as it brings Bayern Munich to the USA for the Audi Summer Tour.    The tour brings some of Europe’s top Football teams to the USA for a series of exhibition matches in Chicago, Charlotte, and New York.    In addition to Bayern, fans will be able to enjoy watching Inter Milan, Real Madrid, and AC Milan take to the pitch.

The first match for Bayern will be in Chicago on July 27 against AC Milan.  From there they’ll travel to Charlotte for a match against Inter Milan on July 3 before wrapping up the tour in New York on August 3 against Real Madrid.

To make sure that fans (and airport visitors) know that Bayern is in town, they’ll show up in an A340-600 (D-AIHK) in each city that they are scheduled to play in.    After this exhibition, the A340 will continue to carry the livery for the next year.


D-AIHK shown prior to departing to the USA with FC Bayern aboard.

D-AIHK shown prior to departing to the USA with FC Bayern aboard on July 25.

More SWISS 777 Photos

More SWISS 777 Photos

Earlier today, SWISS published a couple of photos of their new 777 while it was still sitting in the paint hangar in Portland last week.

So far the plane is on track for a late January / early February delivery.   As I mentioned in a previous post, they’re not done with the livery yet.    SWISS will be applying a graphic over the rear half of the fuselage to commemorate SWISS’ heritage and people.

The photos are courtesy of SWISS:



LUFTHANSA CARGO Unveils ‘Cargo Human Care’ Livery

LUFTHANSA CARGO Unveils ‘Cargo Human Care’ Livery

Lufthansa Cargo yesterday unveiled one of their MD-11s with a fresh new livery celebrating the good work that LH Cargo does with ‘Cargo Human Care’.

For those of you unfamiliar with Cargo Human Care (CHC), it is an organization almost exclusively comprised of Lufthansa Cargo employees (past and present) who volunteer their time and efforts to help  a variety of organizations in and around Nairobi, Kenya.

The organization coordinates with Doctors, Surgeons and other medical professionals to bring them to Kenya on regular rotations so that they can provide medical care to those in need.    These volunteers fly aboard LH Cargo flights to Nairobi, along with supplies and materials that are needed for various projects.

One of their most important efforts is the help they bring the the Mothers Mercy Home in Kianjogu, Kenya.   The home provides shelter and care for approximately 120 orphaned children.   Along side  the home is the Cargo Human Care Medical Center which provides free medical treatments to members of the local community.  Last year, CHC treated over 22,000 people at their clinic!

In the coming weeks, I’ll share more about CHC and the good deeds that they bring to those in need, including some of the great accomplishments that CHC has achieved.  In the mean time,  if you’d like to learn more about CHC, please visit their website.


Now back to the livery……

LH Cargo took one of the MD11s and dressed it up in a CHC theme and unveiled it in Frankfurt.   As you’ll see below, the MD11 (D-ALCH) is adorned in children’s footprints symbolizing CHC’s ‘Step by step.  Giving children a future’ slogan.   I can’t think of many better ways to bring awareness to such a great organization and cause!



Some of the kids helped by CHC add their personal touch to the new livery.



D-ALCH arriving in Nairobi, courtesy of Lufthansa Cargo



Arrival at the ramp in Nairobi, courtesy of Lufthansa Cargo


Here are a couple of ‘unofficial’ photos showing the aircraft in the hangar shortly after having the new livery added…..


CH in der Halle (2)

CH in der Halle 12 (4)

New Eurowings Livery Unveiled On First A330

New Eurowings Livery Unveiled On First A330

Lufthansa has unveiled the first Eurowings A330 (D-AXGA) in the new Eurowings livery this week.   The plane had been flown to Taiwan where it was painted last week and is now enroute to LH Technik in Hamburg to have its cabin installed.     For those of you in and near Hamburg, the aircraft is set to arrive at 19:00 tonight (July 1, 2015).

Eurowings' newly painted courtesy of Lufthansa.

Eurowings’ newly painted A330… courtesy of Lufthansa.


A second A330 is expected to be repainted and retrofit in the next 2 weeks.

Eurowings is set to launch their long haul service on November 15 when it starts flying from Cologne to a variety of destinations in the Carribean, Thailand, and Dubai.  However, the 2 A330s that will be in the Eurowings fleet will fly routes within Europe beginning November 2 before transitioning to long haul service on the 15th.

LUFTHANSA Planning Retro Livery To Celebrate 60th Anniversary

LUFTHANSA Planning Retro Livery To Celebrate 60th Anniversary

LUFTHANSA is planning to celebrate it’s 60th Anniversary by dressing one of their 747-8i aircraft in a retro-livery set to debut in April 2015.

The livery will be carried by D-ABYS, which will be the 17th 747-8i delivered to Lufthansa.    ‘Yankee Sierra’ was chosen as the canvas for the new livery because it’s delivery is scheduled for April, coinciding with the anniversary.

The livery will be the one carried by Lufthansa aircraft from the 1970s through 90s before the introduction of the current livery.   For those of you who recall this classic livery, you’ll remember that this livery sported a polished/unpainted aluminum ‘underbelly’.  Unfortunately this will not carry forward to the retro livery.  However, all other aspects of it will be in place.

To give you an idea of what the aircraft and livery will look like, here is a photo from Lufthansa’s archive showing a classic 747:


Lufthansa's D-ABYS, scheduled for April 2015 delivery will sport this classic look......

Lufthansa’s D-ABYS, scheduled for April 2015 delivery will sport this classic look……


H/T to FlyerTalk’s NewbieRunner and Oliver2002.