LUFTHANSA:  Passengers Are Liking The New ‘Soft Product’ Concept Known As Business Class Signature

LUFTHANSA: Passengers Are Liking The New ‘Soft Product’ Concept Known As Business Class Signature


Throughout the month of July, LUFTHANSA selected several long haul flights to trial a new concept that they are considering for roll out that will be known as Business Class Signature service.   The concept is focused solely on their Business Class product and is designed to bring a new level of personal attention and detail to the Business Class passenger.

In the title I referred to it as a ‘Soft Product’.   In airline-speak, ‘Soft Product’ is often referred to as any part of the onboard experience that is not related to the actual seat or aircraft (normally referred to as ‘Hard Product’).   Soft Product typically includes catering and flight crew; things that can be unique from one flight to another.

As far as these test flights were concerned,  the biggest focus was on flight attendant interaction and responsibility toward passengers.    During these flights, Flight Attendants (FA) were assigned a specific group of passengers for whom they would be responsible for during most of the flight.   For most flights, this resulted in an FA having 8-12 passengers to look after to ensure a passenger’s onboard experience.

The logic behind this concept suggests that if an FA can focus his or her efforts on a small group of passengers, it will allow for far more interaction between crew and passenger as well as delivery of a far more personalized experience for the traveller.   As it stands now in Business Class, FAs are left to deal with the entire cabin of passengers and basically see themselves as simply delivering beverage and meal service, but never personalizing the passenger’s experience since there is little time to get to know upwards of 50 or more passengers!  With Business Class Signature, FAs will be able to focus on a small group of passengers, get to know them and based on this increased ‘touch’ be able to deliver a very personalized experience.

Based on feedback from both crew and passengers, this pilot program was extremely effective and successful.   Further ‘tests’ are planned and more enhancements will be introduced over the coming months.   If all goes to plan, expect to see an official fleet wide launch in Summer 2015.

If any of you were aboard one of these flights and experienced Business Class Signature, please share your thoughts about it!


LUFTHANSA:  Business Class Fare Sale For Thanksgiving Holiday!

LUFTHANSA: Business Class Fare Sale For Thanksgiving Holiday!

If my post from yesterday didn’t compel you to book a First Class Lufthansa ticket during their fare sale then perhaps this offer will do the trick.

In addition to the First Class fare deals during the Thanksgiving Holiday, Lufthansa is also offering GREAT deals for Business Class travel.   In fact, you can get from New York to Dusseldorf for as low as $2100!

There are several attractive fares that cover travel from LH’s East Coast gateways to a variety of European destinations that range between $2200 and $2600, while fares from the West Coast start in the low $3000 range and move slightly higher from there.  

As is the case with the First Class fare sale, this promotion ends on September 29.   Travel must originate between November 22 and 28 and must be completed between November 27 and December 3.  Tickets must be purchased 60 days ahead of departure.

If you are going to book this deal, please make sure that you pay attention to the airlines operating your flight as Lufthansa, SWISS, Brussels, Austrian, Air Canada and United can all be operating carriers.  Take my advice, choose one of the first 4!

If you want to experience LH’s popular new Business Class, I would recommend flying out of a Gateway City that offers the Boeing 747-8i.   It’s by far my favorite Aircraft/Cabin combo in the LH Group fleet and I go out of my way to experience it!

If you need help putting together an itinerary to take advantage of certain aircraft and cabins, please let me know by leaving a comment or sending me an e-mail.


LUFTHANSA:  First Class Fare Sale For Thanksgiving Holiday

LUFTHANSA: First Class Fare Sale For Thanksgiving Holiday

Lufthansa is running a First Class Fare sale for travel to Europe during the Thanksgiving Holiday period in the USA.    Fares are attractive, starting as low as $5069 (Boston-Brussels).

The fare sale extends to a wide variety of European destinations too many to mention.   Aside from the great Boston-Brussels fare, other fares run in the mid to high $5000 range from the East Coast while fares from the West Coast are ranging in the $6000-$6200 range.

A great reason to visit Europe during this time of year is to experience the Christmas Markets that get underway in late November and run through the Christmas Holiday season.   I’ve been to several of them over the past few years and can recommend them highly.  There’s nothing like sipping on a warm mug of Spiced Wine  while browsing a market!

As far as the terms and conditions are concerned, the fare sale runs until September 29th.   Outbound travel must take place between November 22 and 28th, while return flights need to take place between November 27 and December 3.  Tickets must be purchased 60 days prior to departure.


Pay attention to who is operating your flight.   As is normal for ex-USA travel, your flights may be operated by Lufthansa, SWISS, Austrian, Brussels, United or Air Canada.    Please be mindful that only Lufthansa and SWISS offer First Class flights within the Lufthansa Group.   Austrian, Brussels & Air Canada, while excellent, fly 2-cabin aircraft – Business & Economy.    And of course there is NO COMPARISON between LH and United when it comes to the First Class experience to Europe.

By flying with LH or SWISS  in First Class you’ll have access to the wonderful First Class Lounges in Munich, Frankfurt and Zurich as well as the First Class Terminal in Frankfurt.   You’ll also find the limited edition Christmas Ducks being offered in the lounges during this time of year in Munich and Frankfurt.


LUFTHANSA:  Enter To Win 2 Business Class Tickets To Your Dream Destination!

LUFTHANSA: Enter To Win 2 Business Class Tickets To Your Dream Destination!

LUFTHANSA, in association with, is running a contest that will award the winner 2 LUFTHANSA Business Class Tickets to the winner’s Dream Destination as well as 2 weeks accommodation courtesy of

To enter, you’ll need to visit THIS SITE where you will be asked to upload your own photo that best exemplifies your dream destination.  As part of the entry you’ll need to title your photo and provide a brief description about why this destination would be your favorite.

As part of the contest, submitted photos will be voted upon in a public gallery so it’s important to share your entry with your social media friends.   The top 1000 vote getters will advance to a jury that will assign points to each photo, with the top point-getter winning the Grand Prize Package.    Speaking of the prize, the winner will get:

             2 Round Trip Business Class Tickets on Lufthansa to their ‘Dream Destination’.  

             2 weeks accommodation in a home specially selected for, and provided by

   will also provide the winner with “V.I.Key” Luxuries based on their destination.


The deadline to enter this contest is July 31, 2014 so look through all of your favorite travel photos and submit your best one before it’s too late!


LUFTHANSA GROUP Extends Cancellations Of Israel-Bound Flights

LUFTHANSA GROUP Extends Cancellations Of Israel-Bound Flights

LUFTHANSA GROUP has announced that flights operating to and from Israel are canceled through at least June 24.  This extends the ban another 24 hours from their previous announcement yesterday.

The reason for the cancellation is out of an abundance of caution after rockets landed near Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion Airport yesterday.  In light of the recent shoot down of the Malaysian 777 over the Ukraine, this does seem to be an appropriate response.

This affects 20 flights operated by Lufthansa, SWISS, Austrian, germanwings and Brussels.   If your itinerary is affected, please use this link to find contact information for Lufthansa in your country.