MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR Changes Coming To How United Global Premier Upgrades Will Be Processed For LUFTHANSA Travel

MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR Changes Coming To How United Global Premier Upgrades Will Be Processed For LUFTHANSA Travel

This post is an important one for all of you United 1K and GS members who use or will use GPUs on Lufthansa!!!!!

Beginning on or about September 3, United will allow for the processing of GPUs electronically via their website.   This was supposed to take effect August 1 but tech issues delayed the roll out.

How GPUs process will be DRAMATICALLY different from the current process.   Currently, you would need to request a paper certificate that would be issued and mailed to you by United.  You then present it to the LH check-in or gate agent and hope that they clear it for you on the day of your departure.


Effective September 3 (or thereabout), GPU based upgrades need to be requested electronically, and you will know if you clear within 90 seconds of submitting the request.   If you are declined, you can request the upgrade again later, either the same day or the next day, etc.    THERE WILL BE NO WAIT-LISTING.  If you do not clear, you need to resubmit again, until the upgrade clears.



In other words, you will not be able to upgrade within 10 hours of your flight, which means no clearing potential at the gate.  You will know if you cleared 10 hours before your flight, and have 0 chance to clear after that point.

If you have multiple segments that are GPU eligible on LH, you will have to do this for each segment individually and the 10 hour rule applies to each segment, not the start time of your itinerary.

This will apply to tickets booked either through or

It is recommended by United that if your travels are not happening in the next 2-4 weeks, to wait and process your GPU electronically instead of requesting a paper certificate.

This information came from a very friendly and knowledgable United Supervisor who answered my call at the United Star Alliance Award Desk this evening.

UNITED Mileage Plus members will be receiving an email detailing this new program on September 1 or 2.



LUFTHANSA Pilot’s Union Insists That Strike Is Imminent

LUFTHANSA Pilot’s Union Insists That Strike Is Imminent

In the words of the immortal Yogi Berra, it’s ‘Deja Vu All Over Again’……

The union representing the majority of Lufthansa pilots has threatened the airline with what it calls an ‘imminent’ strike after breaking off talks with airline this weekend.    Though they said that they will strike at any moment, they promised to give enough notice so that passengers would not be stranded at airports.   So thoughtful.

Apparently the negotiations that have taken place over the 3-4 months after the last strike in April did not please the union so they are back at their typical antics.   During the April version of the strike, the union actually lost support of the public that they usually enjoy during their tantrums.     This will not help their public relations this time either since they are threatening to strike during the peak of the European vacation season that runs into mid-September.

If your travel over the next days and weeks involves Lufthansa-operated flights, please pay special attention to these developments as they will obviously impact your travel.   I’ll provide updates as more information becomes available.

Couple this with the beginning of an Icelandic volcano eruption that threatens air travel, and we’re staring at an unfortunate ’1-2 combination’ that promises to make things interesting.

Lufthansa Miles & More:  Subscribe To The Economist For 60% Off & Earn 10,000 Miles

Lufthansa Miles & More: Subscribe To The Economist For 60% Off & Earn 10,000 Miles


This offer caught my eye as I was reading my Miles & More Newsletter email today.   Normally I pass by these types of offers but this one caught my attention.  For one thing, I thoroughly enjoy reading The Economist (almost ‘required’ reading in my ‘real job’) and also the offer to subscribe to The Economist at 61% off the newsstand rate is a great deal as well.  Top all of this off with 10,000 miles and it is a no brainer!

At a 61% discount, the subscription amounts to $160 a year or a bit over $3.00 a week which includes access to their online content as well.   Factor in the 10,000 miles into the mix and you wind up paying only 1.6 cents per mile while getting a great magazine delivered each week!

Miles & More is also offering an alternative package where you will earn 7,500 miles if you subscribe to the print only version of The Economist.   The print only subscription is $127 a year and is 69% off the newsstand price.   This package would equate to getting the miles for 1.7 cents.  Not a significant difference as far as CPM (cost per mile) is concerned.

If you are interested in taking advantage of this offer to bolster your mileage balance, here is the link that was provided in the email that I received.   Even if you don’t read the economist, this promo is still quite attractive simply for the miles!



LUFTHANSA’s Million Ticket Sale For Intra-Europe Travel Starts Friday

LUFTHANSA’s Million Ticket Sale For Intra-Europe Travel Starts Friday

On occasion Lufthansa will launch a weekend sale where they allocate a specific number of tickets at great discounts for travel within Europe.   The latest version of this sale starts this Friday and lasts only until Sunday.    The sale covers departures from October to December while return trips need to take place between October 2, 2014 and March 31, 2015.  Since the fare sale is not yet loaded into the system, I have no way of knowing if the Christmas Holiday period is blacked out from this fare sale but I assume that it will be.

The fares run anywhere from €99 to €139 but the majority that I’ve seen have been on the lower end of this range.   As far as T&Cs are concerned, the minimum stay is 1 night for intra-Germany travel.  If traveling between European countries,  either a minimum of a 3 day stay is required OR a Friday night OR a Saturday night stay instead.   These rules make it easy to take advantage of the fares for a great weekend away from home!

As I mentioned earlier, I don’t BELIEVE that these fares have been loaded into the system yet, but please start checking the LH website prior to the sale in the event that the fares are discounted ahead of the start date on Friday.

Lufthansa Cargo Pilots Show Their Love For The Planes They Fly

Lufthansa Cargo Pilots Show Their Love For The Planes They Fly

Lufthansa Cargo has launched a brand new magazine for its staff and they’ve asked me to share one of the pieces from their first issue.   With each issue,  LH Cargo will cover the “going’s on” within the company which will include specials that focus on their employees which I’ll share with you in the future.

For the inaugural issue, they decided to look to two of their Captains and asked them to complete sentences and add their comments that define their thoughts and attitudes when it comes to their ‘special ladies’.   First, Captain Gottfried Knoll brags on his 777F followed by  Captain Michael Schwinn who shares his passion for the MD-11F.   It is obvious that these gentlemen do not see what they do for a living as just a ‘job’!

To learn more about LH Cargo and to see some great pictures and content, please be sure to visit their Facebook Page!