A few weeks ago while in Frankfurt as part of the FlyerTalk / Vielfliegertreff  ‘Advent-Do’,  I had arranged for our group to take a tour of Lufthansa’s Cargo facility.   The tour gave us on a thorough behind the scenes look at their operation.  We were able walk through their warehouses as well visit the ramp where we had the opportunity to board one of their newest 777 Freighters prior to it being loaded.   I’ll have much more on the event, including photos from the 777-F, over the next few days as I get caught up.

For now, as a ‘teaser’,  I’ll share a video that I was able to take while on the LH Cargo ramp.    The video shows the arrival of an MD-11F to her ramp in Frankfurt and I had a chance to stand right next to her as she came in…..